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On this page we shall give you all the useful information that you need to know about heart promise rings. You will not only learn how to maintain and take care of your ring but also the benefits and problems of such a ring. So, do not skip this article. Stay with us and ready the complete article.

What is a heart promise ring?/What do promise rings mean?

First of all - What is a promise ring?/what is the meaning of promise rings? We must clear it at the very beginning that a promise ring is not only for a boyfriend or girlfriend. A promise ring is ideal for every promise you make. You can make a promise to your love, a best friend forever (BFF), your faith or even to yourself. Thus, this type of ring can perfectly symbolize a variety of commitments. This ring can be given and worn as a symbol of any type of commitment. A promise ring means that the promise you made is official and you are ready to accept and honor all that lies ahead. How does a heart promise ring help? It makes the promise/commitment unforgettable.

A heart promise ring can be a symbol of love for someone. The heart in the ring is used as a symbol of love as it reflects the love between the couple each other. What comes before a marriage? Engagement. What comes before engagement? A commitment. When you give your love a heart promise ring, it means you are not only saying "I’m yours" but also taking the first step to marry your partner. It can also help you show your love, loyalty, passion or friendship.

Quality and characteristics of heart promise rings

Need a high quality heart promise ring? Don't buy an inexpensive ring.

  • These rings are smaller than engagement rings.
  • Sometimes the same ring is used by some as promise rings and by others as engagement rings.
  • Promise rings are also given to or exchanged between friends, pledging friendship forever.

Metals and materials

Commonly used metals are white gold, rose gold, 925 sterling silver, titanium steel, etc.

Commonly used materials are Cubic Zirconia, natural/simulated diamonds, natural/created sapphire, crystals, opal & amethyst, etc.

Ways to give promise rings

Should you give a promise ring with a dramatic surprise? No. Should you get down on your knee to give a promise ring? No. Should there be an elaborate and planned proposal to give a promise ring? No. Actually, there are no traditional expectations of giving a promise ring. Lovers usually give a promise ring as a Valentine's Day, birthday, or even holiday gift. You can choose any beautiful moment to give your promise ring. You can even take your love to a romantic dinner, make a commitment/promise and give the ring as a token/symbol of your commitment/promise.

Heart promise ring prices

The price of a promise ring can cost from $20 to $2,000+. Inexpensive promise rings can cost as low as $20 but the minimum price of such rings in some brand jewelry stores can start from $200 and in some stores from $500 and go up to $2,000 and even more. Young people are the biggest buyer group but they oftentimes do not have the ability to spend a lot of money. There is no rule how much you should spend on your promise ring. So, you can buy one depending on your financial condition.

History of heart promise rings

The tradition of giving promise rings started several hundred years ago but the tradition of wearing a ring to show loyalty and fidelity started in ancient times. We find the history of such rings in the 2nd century BC, then again during 16th-century England. Romantic rings were worn by women in the Georgian and Victorian eras.

In recent times, celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers and celeb couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have made promise rings more popular.

Types of heart promise rings

There are several types of promise rings but these are the common types:

  • Claddagh promise rings
  • Couple's promise rings
  • Engraved promise rings
  • Gemstone studded promise rings
  • No gemstone studded promise rings
  • Rose gold promise rings
  • Yellow gold promise rings

Benefits - Reasons to buy a heart promise ring

  • It can make your partner look freaking gorgeous.
  • If your partner wears it daily, you will feel good whenever you see the heart promise ring.
  • If your ring comes with diamonds, these gemstones may catch and reflect light in a breathtaking way. You will feel good when you see this play of light on the hands of your partner.
  • A promise ring can signal other singles (potentially interested in your partner) to stay away from your partner without saying a word.
  • For a beautiful heart promise ring, your partner is supposed to receive many compliments. Your partner will feel awesome when he/she receives compliments and you will feel good when he/she shares his/her experience.
  • You may buy an inexpensive ring but sometimes it may look very expensive and like a real deal.
  • Don't you like to wear your engagement ring all the time so that it does not lose its luster? You can wear your heart promise ring as an alternative.
  • It can help you capture one of the most beautiful moments of your romantic relation and keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

Common problems of heart promise rings

Problems may include, but are not limited to:

  • It may turn your finger green.
  • It may deteriorate when washing hands or doing dishes.
  • If your ring comes with diamond or other gemstones, one or more of the gemstones may fall out and your ring will look bad.
  • When you buy a low price ring, it may rust over time. It may even tarnish within a week.
  • You select a ring, read many positive reviews and then purchase the ring but you may not be impressed when the ring arrives. Their taste and your taste may differ on the very ring.
  • If your ring has stones, the main stone or other stones can be foggy or discolored.
  • Your skin may be sensitive to the metal of the ring and it may cause allergic problems in your finger.

Maintenance tips - Taking care of your heart promise ring

  • Water is oftentimes harmful for jewelry. So, keep your heart promise ring away from any type of water such as water from dish washing, water from swimming or even water from sweating.
  • Do not let it hit on hard surfaces to avoid scratches and cracks.
  • Lotion and perfume can cause grime/dirt buildup on your ring.
  • Harsh chemicals can damage the beautiful finish/coating of your ring.
  • When your heart promise ring is not in use, keep it in a soft velvet pouch and then store in your jewelry box.
  • When you are traveling, pack your ring carefully so that excessive pressure does not damage your ring.

How to clean your promise ring

Promise rings can be made of several different metals and materials. So, the cleaning process depends on the metal and material of the ring.

  • Is the metal or stone sensitive to water? Try to learn about the metal and material of your ring. Suppose your ring has a doublet opal or a triplet opal. Water can harm the opal gemstone of your ring but a solid opal may not be affected by water.
  • Now make a solution: Take a small cup of warm water and add mild liquid detergent. Now stir and make a lather. Please avoid using hot or cold water because there are some gemstones such as opal that are damaged by hot and even cold water. Use only mild liquid detergent or a ring cleaning solution. Harsh chemicals can damage your gemstones. So, it is safe to clean with a mild liquid detergent solution.
  • Soak your ring: If your ring has no gemstone or has a gemstone such diamond that is not affected by water, put your ring in the solution of the cup. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Now take a soft clean cotton cloth and clean the metal part. If your ring has one or more gemstones, use a small soft brush and clean the gems. Please apply light pressure because excessive pressure can displace the stones. Now rinse your ring with clean water.
  • Don't soak your ring: If your ring has a gemstone such as opal that is affected by water, do not soak it. Take a clean cotton cloth and dip a part of it in the solution. Wipe off grimes and/or dirt from your ring with the damp part of the cloth. Now take a soft clean microfiber cloth, make it wet and wipe off the solution.
  • Dry the ting: Take a clean dry cotton cloth and wipe off water from the entire ring. Be careful so that the stones (if any) are not damaged/displaced. Please do not air dry because the process can leave water spots on your ring. Do not use ultrasonic cleaner as vibration may sometimes damage your ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do men wear promise rings?

Yes, of course. It is very common that men also wear promise rings. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married in 2018 but they wore promise rings before their marriage. The Jonas brothers also wore promise rings.

Do guys usually wear promise rings?

Although women more commonly get and wear promise rings, men also usually wear promise rings.

Do only girls get promise rings?

No, this is not true as we have already cleared that men also commonly wear promise rings.

Are promise rings only for teenagers?

No, there is no specific age group for promise rings. Any teenager or adult can wear this ring. Interestingly, younger people are the biggest buyer group of promise rings.

Where can one purchase promise rings for men?

Most jewelers that sell promise rings for women also sell promise rings for men.

Does a guy get a promise ring too?/Do guys like getting promise rings from their girl?/Is it weird to get a guy a promise ring?

We think we have already answered this question. Guys also love getting promise rings from their girl and this is not weird when a guy gets a promise ring. It is quite common and normal.

What is the purpose of a men's promise ring?

There is no difference in purpose. When you give a man a promise ring, you mean that you are serious in this relationship and you are ready to be engaged with your man and then to get married in the future.

What is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?

Both the rings show you are interested in getting married to your love. While an engagement ring is given before a marriage, a promise ring is given before an engagement.

Why do individuals receive promise rings before marriage?

Actually, they often receive it before engagement. It is also true that some couples get married after some months or years of receiving a promise ring but a promise ring does not mean the couple is surely going to get married. When an individual receives a promise ring before marriage, it means the partner who has given the ring is more serious than just casual dating or living together and showing interest in possible future marriage.

Where can one purchase promise rings for her?

You can buy such a ring from online and offline jewelry stores. If you prefer online, search online and check some promise rings from some online stores. If you prefer to shop from a brick and mortar shop, then search for "women's promise rings near me" and you will hopefully get some physical stores near your location.

Where can you get the promise rings?/where can promise rings be bought?

Please check the answer of the previous question.

Where can I purchase my boyfriend a promise ring?

We have already answered in one of the above questions.

Where could one purchase engraved promise rings?

You can go to a local jeweler and many of them are ready to engrave your ring for a nominal fee. A professional and experienced jeweler can easily do it.

Where can you make your own promise rings?

Do you need a custom promise ring? You can contact some jewelers, tell them how you want your ring to be and they can tell you how they can help you.

What are religious promise rings?

When a promise ring is used to signify an oath to God, it is called a religious promise ring. The promise is related to one or more religious matters.

  • A person will stay true to his belief.
  • The ring will work as a reminder that the person will read religious texts every day.
  • If someone takes a vow to abstain from sex until marriage, the ring will work as a reminder.

Are you supposed to buy both promise rings?

No, you are supposed to buy only one promise ring. Your promise ring shows your commitment. If your love wants to show his/her commitment, he/she will buy a promise ring for you and give you.

How do promise rings look like?

These rings are usually smaller, subtler and less extravagant than engagement rings. These rings from brand jewelry stores can be made of precious metals such as gold or silver and can come with or without valuable gemstones such as diamonds. When a promise ring contains gemstones, these stones are usually smaller than the stones in engagement rings. Some promise rings are so simple that they look similar to wedding rings.

Should I wear the promise rings on the left hand or right hand?

There is no rule on this. It is entirely up to you. You can wear the ring in any hand and any finger. Couples commonly wear a promise ring on the ring finger - on the right hand if they are married or on the left hand if they are not married. Why do most people wear a promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand? The reason is - there is an ancient superstition that there is a vein that runs directly from that finger to the heart. Interestingly, this idea is anatomically incorrect. An interesting point is - if you wear a promise ring on your left ring finger, others may assume you are married. So, some unmarried people avoid wearing the ring on the left ring finger and thus avoid this confusion.

What finger do promise rings go on?/On which finger do i wear a promise ring?

Please read the answer to the question just above.

Buying your heart promise ring/Choosing the perfect heart promise ring

  • When you wish to last your heart promise ring for several decades, buy from the top brand jewelers. They have many years of experience and they have learned a lot from their mistakes. They know how to make a long lasting high quality ring.
  • If you want a ring with gemstones, look into the cut of the stones. Cut by a master technician can oftentimes create maximum brilliance.
  • If you are looking for natural gemstones, tell the jeweler about these requirements. You know even diamonds can be natural and lab-created/simulated.
  • Check the service period for your ring. Inexpensive ring sellers may not offer any service but expensive rings may come with great service guarantees for months or even years.
  • When you are going to spend a good amount of money, check the customer ratings and comments of your selected seller.

When to give a promise ring

You can give a promise ring at any time but it is a good idea to give a promise ring to your partner after you have dated for at least one year. Why? Because it shows that you are serious about this relationship. Some others do not believe in such a specific period of time. They believe you are ready to give a promise ring to your love as soon as you are ready for the commitment. Even though you may not marry your love later for whatever the reason is, the promise ring will show that the value of your commitment is more than casually dating or just living together.

It is also a good idea to give a promise ring when you are financially stable and ready for marriage.

What if you break up?

Unfortunately, every relationship does not become successful. A relationship can change at any time. Break up can occur for one or more reasons. Now an important question appears - what happens to the promise ring if you break up? Some promise rings are returned and some are not. Depending on the warm or cold status at the end of your relationship, you may or may not get your promise ring back.

Important notes

(1) Even though a promise ring is given before an engagement ring, it is a special and important moment in your relationship. Select a beautiful and romantic moment to make it special for both of you.

(2) When you give a heart promise ring to your love, it means you are more than just dating. Now you have a physical symbol of love to show to everyone. It proves you are more serious now.

(3) Although a promise ring indicates any type of promise, even a promise to yourself, it is oftentimes used as a token of commitment in a romantic relationship.

(4) Heart promise rings for women is just one of the possible styles. There are no rules or requirements on how a premise ring should look like. These rings are viewed as fashion pieces. Besides heart shaped promise rings, intertwined designs are also common. Intertwined designs represent a couple's union.

(5) Low price heart promise rings are oftentimes poorly made and may not look very beautiful and not last for a long time. You should spend more if you want your promise ring to look really very beautiful and last for a long time. When you have a higher budget, you can buy high quality heart promise rings from reputable vendors. The choice is yours.

(6) You can choose your promise ring from a wide variety of rings. There is no lack of designs and options such as double heart promise rings/two heart promise rings, gold heart promise rings, rose gold heart promise rings, silver heart promise rings, vintage heart promise rings, etc.

(7) If money is not a problem for you, you can check some high quality heart promise rings with diamonds.

(8) If both of you are planning to exchange promise rings in a special moment, you can check some matching heart promise rings or heart promise rings for couples.

(9) It is possible that the person you love may not know what a promise ring is. You can explain the meaning of the ring to your partner as it will add extra significance to the moment.

(10) You know there are promise rings with or without gemstones. What is the benefit of gemstones? The gemstones of heart promise rings for girlfriend can add color and flair in her hand. These are rings with personality. It is also totally okay to choose from simple design heart promise rings for her.

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