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On this page, we shall share valuable and useful information on fire opal rings. All the information on this page will help you to take a better buying decision, clean your ring and learn ins and outs about this type of ring. So, have patience, stay with us and read the full article.

What is a fire opal? Fire opal ring meaning

Fire opal gemstones are colorful and vary from transparent to translucent in nature. The word translucent means semi-transparent. In translucent material, light can pass through but the details of the shapes cannot be clearly seen from the other side. Although opals are famous for their play of color, fire opals usually do not show any color play. The play of color is either absent or weak in most fire opals.

Fire opal has a bright fire-like background color that ranges from red to orange to yellow to gold. The word "fire" actually indicates these background colors. Some people think the word "fire" means the play of color but it is a wrong conception. Since fire opals are not hard enough, these are usually not suitable for rough wear. So, these are best used in accessories such as earrings, pins and pendants.

Is it hypoallergenic?

Is your skin sensitive to nickel? If yes, you need a nickel free ring. Is your skin sensitive to lead? If yes, you need a lead free ring. Your skin may be sensitive to one or more other materials. Please make sure the material of your ring does not cause an allergic problem to you.

Can I wear my opal gemstone ring every day?

The wearability rating of opal is just "poor". So, you must take precautions. To wear your fire opal ring daily, you should follow some rules to keep your ring in good condition.

Opal is comparatively a soft stone. Its hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 in Mohs scale and it contains up to 6% water. Whenever it may get rough treatment, do not wear it. Just remove it temporarily. Avoid any activity that can scratch the surface of your opal gemstone.

Your opal gemstone can absorb water and thus lose its shine and luster from water contact. Keep it dry.

Did you know opal is sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperature? Hot or cold environment can quickly crack it.

As you will wear it daily, you will see comparatively more grime buildup on your opal gemstone and ring. So, you should regularly clean it.

For longer longevity, buy only the natural solid opals if your budget allows. You cannot expect great experience from fake lab-created synthetic opals because these are generally low quality opals.

The advantages of wearing a fire opal ring

  • As fire opal gemstones are really very beautiful in nature, your finger gets extra fitting and gives you a beautiful appearance.
  • Many opal lovers believe this gemstone can bring great luck.
  • Opals represent the Venus planet. It is also believed that opal can improve marital and love relationships. It may also help with sexual compatibility and fertility. It enhances better mutual understanding between couples and increases love. For fixing a troubled relationship, wear your opal ring in your index finger.
  • Having a troubled married life? Maybe it can help.
  • Some believe that a fire opal gemstone helps balance between left and right brain hemispheres. It is also believed that this gemstone is helpful for the health of eyes, throat, kidney, etc.
  • If opal is your birthstone, it can not only help you become calm and gentle but also provide you satisfaction and serenity in your life.
  • Sterling silver fire opal rings for women bring love and luck in life.
  • It can help creative people use their talent more effectively.
  • It can mitigate the past painful experiences in your life.
  • It can attract wealth and business success. It can bring luxury in your life.
  • You are helping the ring manufacturer and opal miner by keeping them in their job.

Astrologers suggest you wear your fire opal ring on Friday in the evening for the best results.

Common problems with fire opal rings

If you are not lucky or have not properly researched your opal ring, you may face one or more of the following problems.

  • It may turn your finger green. Sometimes it may turn your finger black. This should not happen with a ring made of high quality materials.
  • The ring may look more or less beautiful in person.
  • The setting can be so poor that the opal gemstone can fall out. What if you find no way to fix it? Once you contact the seller, they may not reply back or even refuse to fix it.
  • When a cheap fire opal ring comes with poorly made settings, the gemstone may fall out as soon as it is accidentally dropped on the floor.
  • Suppose you buy a cheap fire opal ring as a gift item, gift it to someone and then the person discovers that the item is faulty. Once you come to know this, it will be disappointing and embarrassing.
  • It may not be suitable for daily wear as the finish may fade or come off quickly.
  • If it is a gold plated ring, your fire opal ring band may slowly tarnish from wear and tear. It may not be ideal for long term wear.
  • In case of synthetic opal, the opal may look a little fake and/or get tarnished from water or sweat. It may look like a plastic ring.
  • When the ring arrives, you notice that it is way bigger or smaller than the size you ordered.
  • In case of doublet or triplet, the stone may have no or poor play of color. Besides, it may look cheap.
  • The metal part can quickly misshapen and corrode. It usually happens when the metal part regularly comes into contact with water.
  • Shipping may take a long time if it is coming from China.
  • The seller may write it is a silver or sterling silver ring but in reality cheap rings often come only with silver or sterling silver coating (not 100% silver or sterling silver). Once they finish erodes, you will see a second metal inside.
  • Color may not be as vibrant as in the picture.
  • If there are several small decorative stones around or nearby your opal ring, one or more stones can be lost and your ring will no longer look beautiful.
  • Sometimes cheap synthetic opals may feel like plastic (fake and cheap).
  • The color you have chosen may not look great on your skin.

Price of fire opals

Translucent (semi-transparent) opals are usually cheap opals. You can buy a brownish or yellowish translucent opal for $5 a carat. If an opal gemstone is transparent, has a fire-red background and has a play of color within the stone, it can cost $300 a carat. Did you know the price of one carat high quality fire opal can be approximately $10,000 USD? The price of fire opals depend on the following factors:

  • Origin: The value of Mexican fire opals is the highest because these opals usually have brilliant hue and superior clarity. Australia has highly valuable and very expensive fire opals too.
  • Color: Due to more availability of red and sunset, their price is lower than the price of less available yellow fire opals and orange fire opals. The price of yellow and orange opals will be low if they are dull colored. The reason is - the degree of brightness or glow in the color has a very important influence in determining fire opal price.
  • Play of Color: Generally, fire opals do not have the play of color. If a fire opal gemstone shows great play of color, it will surely be higher priced than the no color play fire opal stone. The play of color is more commonly found in Australian fire opals.
  • Clarity: You can buy translucent opals at discounted price if they have clearly visible flaws. If you want an opal with no or a few internal flaws with clearer appearance, you must pay a much higher price.
  • Cut: Fire opals in uneven shapes are regarded as lower quality. So, their price is lower than masterfully cut highly symmetrical fire opals.
  • Carat weight: The more the weight, the higher you must pay. As large fire opals are rarely found in nature, their price is higher than smaller size fire opals.

Suppose there is a bright yellow color fire opal gemstone with brilliant play of color. The price of this gemstone must be higher than a red and dull fire opal gemstone with no or faint play of color.

How to take care of your fire opal ring

Good maintenance can ensure better longevity. Try to follow these rules:

  • First of all, try to keep your fire opal ring always dry. Do not wear your fire opal ring when you bathe, swim, wash dishes, sport, etc. because water or sweat will be able to tarnish your opal ring.
  • Keep it away from body lotion or any type of chemical. This way you can keep your ring free from grimes and dullness.
  • Make sure to avoid friction with hard substances to save your ring from scratching.
  • When you put your opal ring in the jewelry box, first rub it with a soft clean cotton cloth and then put in a small soft bag to avoid collision with your other jewelry items. Oftentimes, jewelry items collide with each other and get scratched as a result.
  • Always Keep your opal ring away from children to avoid accidents. You should follow this rule whenever you remove your ring.

How to clean your fire opal ring

Before you start cleaning your fire opal ring, you need to understand and determine the type of your opal ring. There are three types of fire opals - doublets, triplets and solid opals. You can identify them by looking at the side of the opal.

  • Doublet opal: This type of opal has two layers. The upper layer is a thin opal and the bottom layer is usually made of black industrial glass, black potch, hard plastic, brown ironstone or sometimes vitrolite. The two layers are cemented using glue.
  • Triplet opal: It has three layers. The bottom layer is a black backing as above. The middle layer is a thin slice of opal. The top layer is made of a clear glass, quartz or plastic. The top layer is used to give a rounder shape. All these layers are cemented using glue.
  • Solid opal: A solid opal consists of nothing but opals. So, there is no bottom backing or any other layer in this type of opal.

You need to clean your fire opal ring based on its type - solid, doublet or triplet.

  1. Make a solution: First of all, take a small cup and add half cup of warm water. Please note that hot water can damage your opal. Add some mild detergent. (Always avoid bleach, chemicals and cleaners.) Now make a lather.
  2. Cleaning solid fire opal rings: Put your fire opal ring in the cup and let it soak for ten minutes. Take a clean soft cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber cloth. Now dip a part of the cloth and then wipe the opal part with the damp soft cloth.
  3. Cleaning doublet and triplet fire opal rings: Warning: You should never soak or immerse your doublet or triplet in the solution. Just dip a part of the clean cotton cloth. Now take your dry doublet or triplet opal ring in one hand and wipe it with another hand.
  4. Clean the metal part: Take a small soft brush, dip it in your solution and wipe grime buildup out. Use the brush in the metal part only.
  5. Dry it: Take a clean soft dry microfiber cloth and carefully wipe water/solution from the wet parts.


  • Never use excessive force when you clean your fire opal ring as it may damage or distort your ring.
  • Do not clean your opal ring in the sunlight. Do not use a blower too.
  • You should always avoid ultrasonic cleaners because these cleaners can damage all types (solid, doublet and triplet) of opals.

Not all fire opals are the same. So, we shall give you a brief idea on how fire opals from different sources can differ from each other.

Mexican fire opal rings

Mexican fire opals are considered as the best quality fire opals and usually found near volcanoes. Mexico has the deposit of the finest opals. For about 100 years, Mexico has been the primary source of fire opal gemstones. Both transparent and semi-transparent (translucent) fire opals are found in Mexican deposits. Mexican opals have intense colors and this is where the name "fire opal" came from. These fire opals have vivid yellow, orange and orange-red color variations. The vivid orange and red color Mexican fire opals are most valuable. Besides beautiful color, Mexican fire opals have sparkle and brilliance. Transparent Mexican fire opals are rare but valuable. Although Mexican fire opals usually do not have any color play, their outstanding body color makes up the lack of color play. Faceted fire opals are valuable and many Mexican fire opals can be faceted. Only a few varieties of opals can be faceted.

Australian fire opal rings

Although Mexican fire opals are usually regarded as the best quality fire opals, some other countries also mine and sell high quality fire opals. Australia is one of them. In general, Australia fire opals are ethically sourced from quality mines. It is easy to find natural and untreated fire opals from Australian sellers. Among all fire opals, Australian fire opal that shows a great amount of red fire play is considered the most valuable.

Ethiopian fire opal rings

This country is one of the important sources of fire opals but Ethiopian fire opals are usually yellow.

Besides Mexico, Australia and Ethiopia, the other fire opal producing countries are Brazil, Honduras and Guatemala.

Important notes

(1) Pure/natural fire opal rings are usually expensive. If you are buying a synthetic opal ring online, it will be cheaper but it is always a gamble. You may have great experience or you may have poor experience. It is realistic to keep your expectation low from a synthetic fire opal ring.

(2) A fake/synthetic fire opal can be of low quality but it can be surprisingly nice at the same time. A synthetic opal does not mean it cannot be beautiful.

(3) Sometimes the ring may arrive damaged. In this type of case, contact your seller. They may replace it or make a refund.

(4) If you have purchased a cheap fire opal ring and you guess that its finish may fade soon, you can coat the finish with clear nail polish. Hopefully, this can keep the color for a longer time.

(5) Some believe if opal gemstone is not suitable for you, you may feel more cold and lazy. You may feel thirsty more often and your skin may become yellowish. In such a case, you can give your opal to someone else.

(6) If you are buying a fire opal ring as a gift for someone special, make sure the seller puts the ring in a nice gift box or pouch. When you are going to buy a gift, there are several options for you:

  • 14K fire opal ring
  • black fire opal ring
  • blue fire opal ring/ocean blue fire opal ring
  • fire opal ring with diamonds
  • flower fire opal ring
  • gold fire opal ring
  • orange fire opal ring
  • pink fire opal ring
  • red fire opal ring
  • rose gold fire opal ring
  • vintage fire opal ring

(7) If you are an absent-minded person and have a habit of losing your ring, you should buy cheap synthetic doublet opals or triplet opals. This way you can save yourself from a several hundred or thousand dollar loss.

(8) Do not buy fire opals with cracks running beyond the surface because there is a high possibility that it may damage at any time.

(9) To get the fire opal benefits, you need an authentic and effective fire opal gemstone.

(10) You should always check the cut, clarity and color while buying fire opal gemstones. When fire opals are faceted and cut as cabochon, the gemstone can glow at its best. This is why this shape is more desired and valuable. The cabochon shape is simple and gorgeous at the same time. After cabochon, the oval shape is much desired.

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