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Black Titanium Rings

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On this page, we shall give all the useful and valuable information that you need to know about black titanium rings. You will learn about quality, benefits, problems, cleaning techniques and other important topics. So, do not skip this article. Stay with us and read the full article. Alternatively, you can read the sections that interest you.

What is a black titanium ring? Black titanium ring meaning

What is the color of titanium metal itself? Answer: Silver (a light grayish color). When does it become black? When a jeweler applies extreme heat on the surface of a specific grade of titanium, its surface becomes black. Since titanium is a silver color metal, a selective grade titanium undergoes extreme heat and oxygenation to form black titanium. Since the process is a type of a molecular alteration, the black surface is not a plating, or coating. Sometimes titanium is coated (a type of PVD black coating) with another substance such as black rhodium to make it black.

During the Victorian era, black rings were often worn as a sign of mourning because a lot of people were dying. Nowadays black rings have no negative meaning but are a fashion trend. A black ring can not only enhance your style but also help you make a statement. Sometimes it can be a symbol of strength and courage.

Black titanium rings for women wedding bands and black titanium rings for men wedding bands are a symbol of protection, strength and courage. Women's black titanium rings can give a woman a different and bold look. Some people indicate that they are asexual by wearing a black ring on the middle finger of their right hand.

Quality and characteristics of black titanium rings

Titanium is a chemical element and it is classified as a transition metal on the periodic table. Believe it or not, it is the 7th most abundant metal on earth. According to some, it is the 4th most abundant metal on earth.

Titanium is divided into 4 grades - from Grade 1 to Grade 4. Grade 1 is the softest form and Grade 4 is the hardest form. Commercially Pure Grade titanium is 99% pure. Grade 2, 3 and 4 are used in titanium rings.

  • Color: This metal is light white/gray.
  • Light but strong: It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the transition metals.This means it is extremely strong even though very light in weight.
  • Suitable for polish: You can change the polish of this metal by polishing, brushing and using other methods.

Metals and materials

Oftentimes you will find a solid titanium ring. Sometimes a titanium ring may come with other metals. As titanium is a very hard metal, you will find other softer metals inlaid in some titanium rings. These types of styles are not usually found in other metal rings. Beautiful and valuable stones are also used on titanium rings. Did you ever see black titanium rings with gemstones ruby?

Black titanium ring prices

Three factors determine titanium rings - quality, design and craftsmanship. The price of titanium rings usually range from $10 to $1,000.

History of black titanium rings

In 1791, William Gregor discovered titanium. This element was named after the Titans from Greek mythology. As a metal, titanium is in the same group of silver, gold, platinum, tungsten and cobalt.

Myths about black titanium rings

Titanium rings are not safe in emergencies

Some people believe that titanium rings cannot be cut off in an emergency situation because it is a very strong metal. The truth is - it is possible to cut this ring with a standard emergency room equipment.

Titanium rings won't scratch or dent

Many sellers demand this. Titanium is such a strong metal that it does not easily get scratched but the truth is - it still can get scratched.

Titanium rings do not cause allergic reactions

Many sellers demand that titanium rings are hypoallergenic. Is it true? It is true only when high grade titanium is used to make your ring but when low grade titanium is used, there is no guarantee that your ring is hypoallergenic.

Titanium rings cannot be engraved

Many people think titanium is a very strong metal. So, it cannot be engraved but the fact is - most jewelers can engrave on titanium rings if they have the right tools to engrave.

Titanium rings cannot be sized

Some titanium rings may not be sized but an expert jeweler can oftentimes size a titanium ring.

Types of black titanium rings

Based on quality and use, titanium is graded. See how each grade has a different name and is related to a particular use.

  • Ti-64 grade: It is actually called "aircraft grade titanium". Titanium of this grade is used for making jewelry. It is the most common grade and used for making your titanium ring.
  • Ti-662 - This is a super hard titanium used for making special instruments and machines.
  • Ti-999 - This is a commercially pure titanium type.

In the following two sections, we shall discuss black titanium rings pros and cons in detail.

Benefits - Reasons to buy a black titanium ring

  • Titanium rings are harder than silver, gold and platinum rings but still lightweight.
  • Your titanium ring is valuable not only for its durability but also for its modern aesthetic look and comfort.
  • As titanium is lightweight, it is usually comfortable. It is popular among those individuals who are not accustomed to wearing a lot of jewelry. If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable ring, you can try a titanium ring.
  • A titanium ring is very affordable too. How? Although it is more expensive than stainless steel, it is less expensive than gold and platinum. It is so affordable that you will find several beautiful basic styles if you are ready to spend up to $100 USD.
  • By regular maintenance, you can ensure that it will last for a lifetime. So, it is considered as a good investment.
  • There is no lack of beautiful black titanium rings for her or black titanium rings for him in the market. Hopefully, you can easily find out the best titanium ring that matches your personality and fulfills your purpose.
  • Are you looking for engravable black titanium rings? Black titanium rings with diamonds? Brushed finish? Polished finish? Modern look? Antique look? There is no lack of styles you desire.
  • Your titanium ring is so good that it is not going to bend, break or melt under any normal conditions.
  • Do you assume that titanium rings are low quality rings only because these are affordable? Instead, these are not only durable and comfortable but also easy to care for.

Common problems of black titanium rings

Problems may include, but are not limited to:

  • Oftentimes, a black coating is added on the surface by applying extreme heat. There is a problem with this. You know titanium is usually an extremely scratch resistant metal but the black coating eventually begins to scuff and scrape off. Slowly, you will start noticing white marks on the surface. The more you use your ring, the white marks you will notice over time. Jewelers oftentimes hide this fact from the buyers.
  • Some sellers may demand that you can wear their black titanium ring every day without worrying about scratching them out. What if you find scratch in your ring after a certain period of time?
  • You may not be able to change the size of your titanium ring. If you ever gain or lose weight, you may no longer be able to use the ring. An alternative way is to change the finger according to the ring size and your finger shape.

Maintenance tips - Taking care of your black titanium ring

  1. Although titanium itself is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion such as sea water, aqua regia, chlorine (in water) and some acids, its coating may not be. If you are not sure how the surface coating will react to other chemicals and solutions, it is better you keep your titanium ring away from these things.
  2. If you see one or more scratches, take your titanium ring to a local jeweler for a refinish and he can bring back the beautiful look for a nominal fee.
  3. The chlorine in the shower or swimming pool water can damage metals such as gold and platinum. If gold, platinum or similar metals are inlaid with your titanium ring, do not shower or swim wearing your ring. It is better to always keep your ring away from water even if it does not have other metal inlaid.
  4. You can buy a polishing cloth from any jewelry store. If your titanium ring is not very dirty, you can use the polishing cloth to clean it. Do not use excessive pressure as it may damage the surface color.

How to clean your black titanium ring

Luckily, it is easy to take care of a titanium ring.

  • Make a solution: Take a small cup and fill it with lukewarm water. Add some mild dishwashing liquid, stir and make lather. Please remember that you should not use any strong or harsh chemical because it may discolor the surface. As an alternative, you may also find black titanium jewelry cleaning solution in stores and use it.
  • Should you soak your ring or not: If your ring does not have any gemstone, soak your ring in the solution for about 5 minutes. If your ring has one or more gemstones such as opals, pearls, etc., water and/or solution can harm your gemstone. Water may not be harmful for diamond gemstone but stay away from soaking your ring if you are not sure whether your ring gemstones can be damaged by water or not.
  • Method 1: If you have soaked your ring: Take your ring in one hand and wipe dirt/grime buildup using a clean soft cotton cloth with another hand. Pat gently with your cleaning cloth and always apply very light pressure. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to clean it. Do not rub hard or scrub as it may damage the colored layer/coating on the surface.
  • Method 2: If you have not soaked your ring: Dip a part of your clean cotton cloth in the solution, use this soft damp cloth and follow the rest of the process described in Method 1 above.
  • Rinse: Now rinse black titanium ring with clean water if you have soaked it. Otherwise, wipe water solution off the ring with a clean damp cloth.
  • Dry it: Use a dry clean cotton or microfiber cloth and wipe any water off. Do not air dry because you may find spots on your ring for doing this.
  • Shine it: Mild dishwashing liquid will clean only dirt. If you want to make your ring shining, an ammonia glass cleaner can be used. Start from the first step and use an ammonia glass cleaner instead of dishwashing liquid and follow the above steps again.

If you notice that somehow you have discolored your black titanium ring, you can take it to a jeweler and they may be able to bring back its previous luster.

Ultrasonic cleaner: You should not use an ultrasonic cleaner because it may do more harm than good by using this type of cleaner.

Steam cleaner: A steam cleaner may also be a safe option if the coating is not made of cheap materials or a material that is damaged by heat. If you are not sure about the coating nature and durability, it is better not to use a steam cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do titanium rings scratch?

Yes, they do. The good news is you can oftentimes re-polish. Go to a jeweler and he may help you.

Will the color fade or wear on my titanium ring?

You know the natural color of titanium is silver. If you see any other color on titanium surface, it is artificially added. As you keep wearing your ring, its finish may slowly fade or wear over time.

Can I polish my titanium ring at home?

Yes, you can. A jeweler can guide you on this but we suggest you not do it yourself if you do not have the right skills to do so. A jeweler can oftentimes ensure better finish.

How to determine if your black titanium ring is authentic?

We believe you cannot do it yourself because the process is a bit complex. It would be a better way to go to a jeweler and they can help you because they have the right tools and proper knowledge.

Should I wear the black titanium rings on the left hand or right hand?

The ring finger is the best place for your black titanium ring. You can also wear it on your any finger but remember that some people wear it on their right hand middle finger to sign that they are asexual (or belong to asexual community). A black ring on any right hand finger other than the middle finger signs that this person is potentially approachable for sexual advances and the ring finger is most commonly used to show this sign.

You can wear one on your thumb and it should look good on this finger.

How do I clean my titanium ring?

We have a separate section dedicated to this topic. Please check the above sections and you will find it.

Can I wear my titanium ring in saltwater?

If your titanium ring has an artificial coating, it may not be wise to do this. We suggest you do not take your titanium ring to saltwater.

Why are titanium rings so cheap?

If you compare it with a gold or platinum ring, you will find a titanium ring is really cheap. Why? As titanium is found in abundance, its price is not much and much lower than gold, platinum and tungsten. Since the price of the raw material is low, titanium rings are more affordable. The second reason is - it is neither hard nor complex to make a titanium ring. The third and final reason is - there is high competition among the titanium ring makers and this has kept titanium ring price down.

Buying your black titanium ring

  • Appearance: Does the appearance of your ring match with your look and personality?
  • Durability: We have already mentioned that although Titanium is a very good scratch resistant metal, the black coating/finish on the surface may not stay black forever. So, keep your expectation real.
  • Hypoallergenic properties: Is your skin allergic to titanium or any other metal that is used to make your selected ring finish for purchase? Allergic problems from rings made of unsuitable metals for you is a common problem.
  • Availability: Is there enough variation in design so that you can easily select one ring?
  • Cost: The higher you pay, the better ring you get. High quality oftentimes comes with high prices. How much are you ready to pay?

Interesting facts about titanium

(1) The Titans of Greek mythology was known for their extreme and superior strength. The name titanium is also extremely strong and hence the name titanium derived from Titans. Previously, the name of the metal was "Manachite".

(2) Titanium has helped us reach the depths of the ocean and in space as super strong crafts are built using titanium.

(3) Titanium is the only metal that can offer these four benefits:

  • beauty
  • strength
  • lightweight and
  • bio-compatibility

(4) Besides jewelry making, titanium is used to make medical, automotive, marine and many other equipment.

(5) When titanium was discovered, it was not possible to separate titanium from the ore. It took scientists 50 years to find a way to extract titanium from ore using a cost effective way.

Important notes

(1) If your skin is sensitive to titanium rings, you have other options that you can try. If you are not looking for a black titanium ring but just for a black ring, you can check the following options. The following options can give you a wider variety of options you can choose from.

  • Black stainless steel rings
  • Black ceramic rings
  • Black zirconium rings
  • Black tungsten rings
  • Black gold rings

(2) Some manufacturers use finishes that do not react with chemicals or acids. So, you will not see grime buildup on these rings. These are better options to wear daily.

(3) A titanium ring is so light that you will often forget that you are wearing it. When you feel it, it will feel like a feather on your finger.

(4) If your main concerns are durability and price and then you want to choose from gold, platinum, tungsten and titanium rings, your best choice is a titanium ring. If you are looking for a prestigious ring, you should skip titanium and look into the other more expensive metals.

(5) Platinum and titanium sound similar. So, some people think titanium is a cheaper version of platinum but it is a misconception.

(6) A lot of people know, titanium is used as raw material to manufacture airplanes, spacecraft and various pieces of medical aircraft. They think it is good only for making robust and expensive machinery. They have little or no idea that titanium can also be used for delicate jewelry. If you are one of them, you should know that there are trendy beautiful titanium jewelry that can easily impress you.

(7) If you smash a gold ring with a hammer, the gold is still valuable. If you do the same on your titanium ring, the smashed titanium is worthless.

(8) Styles like flowery, organic and filigree are possible with titanium but most titanium jewelry are usually more geometric and modern. Womens black titanium rings or even we can say black titanium rings for both oftentimes come from a style of simplicity.

(9) Whenever you see black titanium, you can be sure that it is treated.

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