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On this page, we shall share a lot of information regarding female black stud earrings. All the information we share here will help you buy the best women's black stud earrings. If you ignore this article, you may miss valuable information to get the best value from your black stud earrings.

How to clean your earrings?

Your beautiful earrings can be dirty in several ways. Some of the common ways are:

  • sweat
  • residue from shampoo and conditioner
  • hair spray
  • grease and dirt from your fingers
  • cream from moisturizers
  • cream from face products

The more dirt accumulates on your earrings, the more they get discolored and become dull. Your dirty earrings can also cause infection. So, cleaning your earrings from time to time is very important. 

The super easy ways to clean your earrings

  1. When to use only a cloth: Some porous organic gems such as pearls, mother-of-pearl shell, coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli tend to absorb liquid. If you soak them in cleaning solution, the structure of these gems will be damaged. So, dip a section of your cloth in the dishwasher soap and try to clean your earrings. In case you cannot clean some hard to reach metal part, you can use a soft brush. Finally, use a clean and wet cloth to clean the residue of soap from the metal part.
  2. Remove grime: Take a small cup and add some cleaning solution or hydrogen peroxide. Let your earrings sit in for a few minutes. Then place them in a cup of hot water. Now use a piece of cotton bud to clean the areas with grime. Don't you have a cleaning solution or hydrogen peroxide? You can use baking soda as an alternative.
  3. Disinfect earrings: If you want to disinfect your earrings, hydrogen peroxide is a very good solution. Add hydrogen peroxide in a small cup and drop your earrings for a few minutes. Then place them on a paper towel and air dry.
  4. Clean diamond earrings with dish soap: You cannot use just anything to clean the diamonds in your earrings as it may discolor the diamonds. Take a cup of hot water and add from 3 to 5 drops of dish soap. Let the solution cool down and come to room temperature. Now use a soft toothbrush and scrub away the dirt of the diamonds. Place them on a paper towel or clean cotton cloth and let these earrings air dry.
  5. With earrings with microfiber cloth: You can use the same microfiber cloth you use to clean your sunglasses. It is a good option because you can use it without damaging your favorite earrings.
  6. A silver wipe for sterling silver earrings: As your sterling silver black stud earrings for women are sensitive to oxygen and water, you need to use sterling silver cleaning wipes. These wipes are so good that they can help you clean your earrings and bring back the previous lustrous shine without damaging your earrings.
  7. Use hot water: Hot water is not as effective as using a specific solution such as dish soap or hydrogen peroxide. You can still get some positive result by placing your earrings in a mug of hot water for 20 minutes and cleaning with a soft brush.
  8. Use a toothpick: Your earrings can be designed in such a way that toothbrushes will fail to help every part of it. In such cases, a toothpick can help you clean the hard to reach spots.
  9. Jewelry cleaner machine: If you buy a jewelry cleaner machine, it can free you from all the manual work described above. These are smart machines and do much of the work themselves. Please read the user manual before you start using one.

Surely, you can use a soft and clean cloth to dry your jewelry. You can also hang them with hooks on a jewelry tree. If you see any water spot on the metal part, you can lightly buff these spots with a soft clean cloth.

Care taken to avoid danger or mistakes:

A small mistake can damage your precious favorite earrings but you can easily avoid these mistakes:

  1. Clean earrings at least once or twice a year.
  2. If you are wearing a pair of earrings more frequently, you should clean them more frequently.
  3. Clean your earrings one at a time to avoid scratching from accidental contact. Loose stones can be displaced if one piece of earring hit another piece.
  4. Some earrings have post. For this type of earrings, open the clasps and remove the nuts or screws.
  5. Avoid acid-base maintenance water whenever possible.

Moist environment can tarnish your earrings. Store your earrings in a dry and cool place.

What size is ideal for your ears?

Suppose the size of your favorite pair of sterling silver black stud earrings varies from 3mm to 8mm. Do you really know which size is ideal for your ears? Try to know the right size first. Otherwise, you may order the wrong size and later may go through the hassles of the refund process. If the seller does not offer a refund, you may just waste your money and time.

Do you need to get your ears pierced?

What type of earrings are you trying to buy? There are many types of earrings such as small black stud earrings, square black stud earrings, matte black stud earrings, screw back black stud earrings, etc. To wear some earrings, you must get your ears pierced.

Convenient to put on and take off

Sometimes the seller will mention this piece of information in the product description and sometimes they will not. So, it is your duty to carefully note if the product looks comfortable. If you fail to detect this, the product may sometimes bring painful experience for you. Two common issues with earrings are - the post is too big and/or it does not easily go in.

Ideal for sensitive ears

If you have sensitive ears, read the product description section very carefully. Did the seller clearly mention this pair of earrings are suitable for sensitive ears? If yes, you can consider buying the pair of earrings. Earrings that are ideal for sensitive ears are oftentimes made of gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, and nickel-free materials.

There are some gold black stud earrings, surgical steel black stud earrings and Nickel free black stud earrings in the market that may not give you any reaction and itchiness. Whatever metals and materials are used, make sure the pair of earrings are hypoallergenic black stud earrings for women.

Commonly asked questions about womens black stud earrings

  • Is the entire earring metal?
  • What size would I get for normal ear piercings ?
  • What gauge is the post?
  • Are these poles long enough for thick earlobes?
  • Are these comfortable enough to wear when sleeping?
  • Can I wear them in the shower?
  • Is it hypoallergenic?
  • Do the black earrings shine?
  • Can I use them in water?
  • Do these contain nickel?

Are they super shiny?

Very shiny earrings can attract too much attention of the people in your surroundings. Some people like to show off and some others do not. Some sellers mention whether the product is shiny and others do not. So, you need to view the product images carefully.

Maintenance tips and some important notes

(1) Some sellers recommend you not wear your earrings when you shower, wash your face or even sweat. In case your earrings contact water, they recommend you wipe your earrings dry with a dry cloth.

(2) Inside your jewelry box, put some desiccants to keep your earrings dry.

(3) If you wear your earrings for long hours in hot summer, long-term contact with sweat can cause corrosion to jewelry coating.

(4) If you bathe in fragrance, swim in a swimming pool where chlorine is added to water, or even dive in the salty sea water, your earrings can lose its luster. So, it is a good idea to remove all your jewelry in the above situations.

(5) Try to keep your earrings and other jewelry in the original box. At least keep them in separate packaging so that they do not collide with each other and thus get damaged.

(6) It is a good idea to clean your jewelry regularly. Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture, particles, dirt or dust on the jewelry. If you need to clean more seriously, check how to clean from the top section of this article.

(7) Stainless steel black stud earrings do not easily rust or stain and can last longer than other black stud earrings. Besides, these earrings are able to endure a lot of wear and tear.

(8) With proper maintenance and care, your black stud earrings will last longer than no or low maintenance and careless use.

(9) If you have not had earrings on in a while, your ears can turn a little red and burn at first. Soon your ears can accept your new earrings. Before refunding the new earrings for any small problem, give some time and you may see the problem is automatically solved.

(10) Oftentimes the seller will demand that their products are made of high quality materials and the product finishing quality is very good. The reality is - the finish of most cheap earrings is not going to last forever.

(11) It is not rare that buyers discover that their new earrings do not fit in their piercing. What you guess about the size, shape and design from online product images may not always be correct.

(12) It is better not to wear your earrings when you sleep because your earrings can easily get deformed, crushed or tarnished.

(13) It is a good idea to sterilize your earrings from time to time.

Other issues

  • It is a common mistake that from product images, people think the back has a screw on the ball but later they discover they are wrong.
  • Earrings can come in different style designs such as unisex, only for men and only for women. If you are woman, you can buy the black stud earrings female and unisex style designs.
  • Is the product highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration?
  • Does it rust or cause irritation?
  • Is it suitable for daily wearing?
  • If you are buying a set, some can be higher quality than others. Yeah! It may sound surprising but it happens from time to time.
  • Did you read the customer reviews before you purchase a pair of earrings from an online store?
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