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Black Opal Rings

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On this page, we shall share some useful and valuable information so that you can get the best value from your black opal ring. You can also make informed decisions when you are going to place an order for your next women's black opal rings. So, please read the full article.

Black opal is the symbol of peace and goodwill. Being a natural wonder, it has the power of showing an iridescence of multiple colors from green to orange to yellow on it. Did you know dark opals are not only the darkest but also the rarest of all opals? It is also scarce compared to the other colors and color combinations. The price of black opal rings for women is higher than its other color variations.

Do black opal rings bring bad luck? Is opal an evil stone?

For centuries, opal stone was a symbol of royalty and good luck. A novel was published in 1829 and the book took opal prices down by 50%. Within months of publishing the book, it destroyed the European opal market for almost 50 years.

So what happened? In Sir Walter Scott's best-selling book "Anne of Geuerstein", Lady Hermione was falsely accused of as a succubus (a demon in female form). Eventually, a drop of holy water fell on her opal. As a result, the gem became lightless and colorless as a common pebble. The readers interpreted the author indicated opal was a stone that attracts bad luck. Then they started avoid this gemstone in real life.

Now you judge whether it should be a good reason to validate the ridiculous belief for a long time.

Three types of opals

There are basically three types of opals.

  • Solid opals: Although it is named as "pure", it is actually soft and easily gets scratched or cracked. The word "solid" actually means "pure". These pure opals have only been cut and polished.
  • Doublet opals: A thin slice of opal is glued on a black backing. The backing enhances the color. The glue cements these two layers. As this type of opals have two layers, the word "doublet" is used. Water can damage the bonding glue.
  • Triplets: When an additional transparent layer (usually glass or quartz) is placed on the top of a doublet, it is called a triplet. The top layer not only protects the opal stone but also helps get a rounder shape. Water can also damage the bonding glue of this type of opals.

What is the “fire” in an opal?

It is actually a refracted light. You know every opal gemstone has a unique and complex inner structure. When light goes through this complex structure, a unique dance of light and color is produced. The opal works like a mirror and produces a burst of vibrant color.

The brighter the light around an opal, the more it will reflect color back at you. As you move your opal ring to different angles, it will be changing its reflection and sparkle.

Common problems with black opal rings

  • It can turn your finger green.
  • The metal quality can be so low that it will permanently get tarnished but the opal stone can still be brilliant.
  • The opal may look small in your finger. In some cases, it can also look big on you.
  • The opal may look fake when it is not a natural stone.
  • The opal in the product gallery may give an idea that the opal is very brilliant but in reality, it may look much less brilliant than the picture.
  • The colors of the opal are so dense that it may be hard to distinguish what the colors are.
  • The reflecting colors may create a poor impression.
  • Natural expensive opals are oftentimes outstanding. You cannot expect the same experience from cheap lab-created opals.
  • The opal may look good in an indoor environment but not in the sunlight and vice versa.
  • You cannot calculate the proper size for you and eventually place an order for the wrong size.
  • The stone is so small that it fails to create a great impression.
  • Stone setting is not good.
  • The opal is lab-created and low quality. As a result, it tarnishes within a very short period of time and you get totally disappointed.
  • Dish washing and other daily activities tarnish the ring.

Black opal ring meaning

The word "opal" has derived from the Sanskrit word "upala". Upala means "precious stone". The Greek version of the word is "Opallios" which means "to see a change of color". Black opals are not commonly found even though you can easily find the white and pale versions. Basically, it has three types of meanings.

Love and relationship

  • Every Caesar gave his wife opal gemstones to bring good luck
  • Creates a mutual loving bond
  • Opal can strengthen erotism and sexuality.
  • Helps to build a well-balanced relationship between you and your partner
  • Need a good stimulation in your relationship? Yes. It can help.

Money and business

  • The inner fire attracts forces that bring money.
  • Helps you get the right personality of a businessman
  • Attracts the profitable opportunities in your business
  • Creates the good relationship that you need to maintain with your partners, suppliers, customers and any other stakeholder.

Other energy

  • Strengthens the will to live
  • Some people also believe opal is beneficial for your kidneys and skin.
  • Helps you maintain sanity
  • Protects you against evil
  • Removes incongruity in your life
  • Attracts miracle in your life
  • Black opals can hold and release power for magicians
  • Boosts creativity

In ancient times, people used to wear opal gems to cure diseases. They also believed this gem was beneficial to their eyes.

Opals are delicate. Do you want to wear it daily?

Opal is a soft, delicate and fragile gemstone compared to other gemstones. Is it possible to wear it daily without losing brilliance? As long as you follow these rules, you can wear your opal ring everyday even if the opal is a solid opal, doublet or triplet.

  • Buying a good quality opal is the first step. Low quality opals usually do not last for long.
  • If your ring has an opal doublet or triplet, do not get it wet. Oftentimes glue is used between a thin opal and the backing. Your opal can be damaged if water dilutes or washes away the bonding glue.
  • Do not put your opal doublet or opal triplet in water let alone hot water. Do not drop these even during the time you clean them. We have written a section on how to clean a doublet or triplet. Read the section below and follow those steps.
  • If you are working in your garden or sporting, remove your opal ring. Your opal can not only get dirty but also scratched by hitting on any hard substance.
  • When you apply face cream or work with oily products, it is recommended you remove your opal ring. Although face cream and other chemicals will not directly harm your opal, these will slowly build up on your opal ring and cover the brilliance of your opal.
  • What if your opal gets scratched? Go to a jeweler who can re-polish it. A good polish can restore it.
  • Heat and cold are both bad for your opal. Make sure your opal has no direct or indirect contact with heat or cold. Do not keep it in any damp place too.
  • Use a magnifying glass, regularly check every part of your ring and try to detect any problem. If you find one, go to a good jeweler and get your opal jewelry fixed.

How to take care of your opal ring

If you properly care for your opal jewelry, it can last for a lifetime.

(1) Opal rings are not suitable for 24/7 wear because it is not a hard stone. Its hardness lies between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

(2) Because of its softness, you should take extra care when you wear and care for your opal ring.

(3) Never use any chemical, toothpaste or abrasive to clean your opal.

(4) Your opal needs occasional polishing. A polish can bring the brightness of your opal back. Go to a jeweler and the jeweler will polish it for you. If you want to sell your opal jewelry, get it polished first. As a result, you can sell it at a higher price.

(5) The opals that are used in jewelry contain from 1% to 6% water. So, a sudden change in temperature can damage your opal.

(6) Never try to wipe a bit of dirt off your opal. In Mohs scale, the hardness of dirt is from 7 to 7.5 while the hardness of your opal is from 5.5 to 6.5. So, an attempt to wipe dirt off can scratch your opal. Use only the cleaning method recommended below.

(7) We recommend you clean your fine opal jewelry every two months.

How to clean your black opal ring

The purpose of cleaning your opal is not only cleaning the grime but also bringing back the brightness. If your black opal ring is new, you should clean it first. You should clean your opal ring from time to time for long term use and keep it looking good.

  • Determine opal type: Pure opals do not have any layer but you will see layers in doublet and triplet opals. Take your opal ring and look at it from the side. If you see a thin slice of opal is glued onto a backing, it is surely a doublet. If you see two layers, it is a triplet.
  • Create lather: Cold and hot water can crack your opal stone. So, always use warm water. Add some warm water into a small cup. 1/2 cup of lukewarm water is enough. Then add two or three drops of mild and unscented dish soap into the water. (Never use bleach or any other strong chemical.) Now create lather.
  • Cleaning pure opals: Place your pure opal jewelry into the cap of cleaning solution. Let it soak for ten minutes. You can use the timer feature of your mobile to count the minutes. Now take a cotton bud in one hand and take your ring in another hand. Instead of cotton buds, you can also use a microfiber cloth as an alternative. Carefully clean the dirt from the opal of your ring.
  • Cleaning doublet and triplet opals: Take a microfiber jewelry cleaning cloth. Put a small amount of solution on one side of the microfiber cloth. Now use the wet part of the cloth and rub off the dirt from the opal. When a part of your cloth gets dirty, use another part. (When the whole cloth gets dirty, use a new jewelry cloth in case you are repeatedly using the cloth for a long time.) Remember you should never soak your doublet and triplet.
  • Clean the metal part: Take a soft small brush and dip the brush into the solution. Now clean the metal part of your ring.
  • Dry your opal: Take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe out any remaining water or solution.

Warm soapy water is considered as the only safe way to clean opals. Besides, you can use a toothpick if you seriously need to clean hard to reach areas and heavy grimes. Do not forget to be very careful. Always wipe gently. Unwanted pressure can loosen, scratch or damage one or more parts of your fine opal jewelry.

Suppose you need to clean gold black opal rings for women. So, you should clean the opal part first and then the gold part to get the best result. Do not try to dry your opals with a hair dryer or blower. You should not place it in direct sunlight too.

Some opal owners use a clean toothbrush to clean the metal part of their opal jewelry. While they are cleaning the metal part with a toothbrush, they can accidentally scratch the opal. A small cotton bud should be a safer option.

If you find the cleaning process painful, you can take your opal jewelry to a jeweler. The jeweler can clean it for you. Nowadays some jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners. Beware! Your opal doublets and opal triplets are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. This type of cleaning can damage the glue bond of the opal. Even when you are planning to clean your vintage black opal rings or antique black opal rings, your first job is to check if these are opal doublets or opal triplets. Why? Because you are not going to use ultrasonic cleaning for opal doublets and opal triplets.

Sometimes the vibrations of an ultrasonic cleaner can crack your solid/pure/natural opal gemstone. So, it is better not to clean your opals using an ultrasonic cleaner.

10 factors determine opal value

The price of one carat opal can be a few dollars and even more than 10,000+ dollars. What factors make an opal cheap or expensive?

  • Color: You will never see an opal with a single color. A secondary color is required to determine the dominant color. Out of red, orange, green, blue and purple color options, red is the rarest, most sought out and most valuable color.
  • Direction/play of color: If an opal looks good from any direction, it has the highest value compared to the opals that look good from only one direction or even no direction.
  • Pattern: The rarer the pattern, the higher the value. The Harlequin pattern is the rarest. So, it has the highest value based on pattern.
  • Body tone: Based on body tone, opals are divided into 9 categories starting N1 (darkest) to N9 (lightest). Black opals that fall between N1 and N4 are the most valuable.
  • Brightness: The brighter an Opal, the more expensive it is.
  • Shape: Oval-shaped opal gemstones are more valuable than opal gemstones with other shapes. The reason is - oval opal stones can be used in making several types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. because it looks good from several or even all directions.
  • Inclusions (flaws): Inclusions and potch lines are different from cracks. Cracks devalues opals because a crack line usually reflects light. Although potch lines do not reflect light, the value of these are usually lower. Sand or windows are also bad for opal value. Some Ethiopian black opal rings have ghost/phantom or even vegetation inclusion but these are acceptable. Some inclusions create a vegetation pattern and opals with this type of inclusion is the most popular and most valuable than other inclusion types.
  • Which opal field it came from: There are several opal mining fields in several countries but the Australian and Ethiopian opal fields are considered as the best because good quality roughs are found in these fields. Excellent quality opals are found from these roughs.
  • Natural or treated: Natural opals are always more valuable than treated opals. The price of synthetic or fake opals can never be as high as natural opal price. Beware if you are looking for a natural opal because sometimes smoked or treated Ethiopian crystal opals are sold as natural opals.
  • Country of origin: As Australia mines the best quality opals, her opals are usually most expensive. Some other countries also mine good quality opals but every country has uniqueness in their opal. This uniqueness also helps to determine price.

Synthetic vs. solid black opal ring

Oftentimes, synthetic opal is used in cheap opal rings but there are some jewelers who clearly state and sell only solid opal rings. We have noticed the minimum price of these opal rings is at least $250 USD, can rise even to $50,000 USD and the average price is $10,000+ USD. So, these are solid but expensive.

If you are ready to pay a good price for black opal rings and pendants, there are several good jewelers who can offer you custom design. First you need to decide on the design, other stones (if any) and your metal such as black opal ring with diamonds, gold black opal ring, vintage black opal ring, etc. Then select an opal gemstone from their website. Give them some time such as from 3 to 4 weeks and they will produce and ship your opal ring to you.

Can they design your black opal ring womens in such a way that it shines and helps you show it off? To understand the level of craftsmanship/workmanship of your jeweler in case you are placing a custom order, you should see their previously designed similar jewelry. You should also read the customer reviews (if any).

Australian black opal rings

Although the deposits of opal have been found in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, Australia produces 97% of all opals in the world. What is the specialty of black opal rings from Australia?

Did you hear anything about Lightning Ridge, Australia? A Lightning Ridge black opal ring oftentimes guarantee a very high quality opal because Lighting Ridge is the main source for precious black opal gemstones from Australia. If your opal came from the Australian town of Lightning Ridge, it is most probably a real black opal ring.

Are Australian opals expensive? Why are collectors and jewelry lovers ready to pay a high price for these opals? Let us compare between price and value. To be honest, to assess the value of an opal gemstone is not an easy task.

Australian opals are usually the most expensive opals in the world. However, you will find opals are mined in several parts of Australia. So, quality can vary largely and so is the price. The price of per carat Australian opal can be from $10 to approximately $6,000.

From 0.50 to 1 carat black opal, the price range is from $30 to around $1,500 but the cost of high quality black opals weighing from 5 to 10 carats can be up to $50,000.

There are a wide variety of black opal products

You can set a black opal gemstone in a ring with or without another stone. In the jewelry market, you will find a variety of opal products such as 14K black opal rings, black opal engagement rings with diamonds, black opal rings in gold, black opal rings with diamonds, sterling silver black opal rings for women, etc.

How much does a black opal ring cost?

A black opal ring can cost from a few dollars to $20,000 USD per carat. Why does price vary so much? The price and value is influenced by several factors such as from the pattern to its iridescence.

Are you looking for a real black opal ring or genuine black opal ring? Surely, genuine black opal rings are available in the market even though their scarcity. Since pure black opals are found in limited supply, do not forget that you have to pay a very high price.

Important notes

(1) Although opal is a soft store, a well designed ring can ensure that the design will protect your ring from everyday mishaps and accidents.

(2) It is believed that black opal can help you face your darkest fears and overcome them. What fears are we talking about? Phobias, chronic worry and anxiety attacks are the common ones.

(3) You should wear your black opal ring in your ring finger. To manifest your desires and requirements, wear your opal ring on every Friday evening.

(4) Do not buy an opal ring only for its beauty. Make sure you check its brilliance too because brilliance is more important. You actually need a magnificent gemstone full of life and vibrant radiant colors.

(5) Before you purchase an opal ring, do not forget to check its quality grade (if any). A quality grade can help you understand the true value of the opal.

(6) If you have enough budget, buy only the natural opal. Fake or cheap opals have dull blue or green transparent colors. Besides, you will find barely any visible fire in it.

(7) If you are purchasing a black opal ring from an online store, the item will oftentimes look less or more different from the listing photos. Still photos cannot capture the brilliance of a stone.

(8) To see the play of color in real life, watch high quality video clips of the opal ring. Watch and notice how the opal is changing its appearance under a certain lighting environment and different changing angles and movements.

(9) Every opal is unique from other opals. The quality and brightness of two opals can be the same but they will still less or more differently interact with light.

(10) You already know your jewelry opal can contain up to 6% water. Your opal will lose its play of color if its water evaporates. So, store your opal in soft and moist cotton to prolong its life. Add a few drops of water in cotton wool and place your opal in the wool. Finally, place it inside a sealed plastic bag. Some opal owners store opal jewelry in oil or glycerin. It does not protect their jewelry but makes the cleaning process painful.

(11) Since opals are vulnerable to extreme heat, we recommend you not wear them on a frigid night or scorching summer day.

(12) Your opal is also vulnerable to acids and alcohols. So, be extra careful when you use perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays. Just keep your opal away from these chemicals.

(13) If your opal gets fractured, take it to a jeweler. The jeweler can repair some part or all of it.

(14) Although opals are generally stable, heat from intense light can cause fracture lines in your opal.

(15) After years of wear, you will notice small scratches and scuff marks have made your opals dull looking by damaging shiny polish. It is quite expected and normal. When this happens, you should go to a jeweler for a polish and/or repair to bring new life to your opal.

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