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Bike Chain Bracelets

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In this article, we shall share some very helpful and valuable information that will help you buy the best bike chain bracelet and get the most value out of it. So, please read the full article.

Is it hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic means something is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. If your skin is sensitive to lead, nickel or any other material that cause irritation or burning feeling, please check if your selected bracelet is made of any of these materials. If a product is hypoallergenic, sellers oftentimes mention it in the product description.

Not for small or dainty wrist

Some bike chain bracelets for women are designed in such a way that no small or dainty wrist should wear them. Before you buy one, note the design and size carefully. Does your selected bracelet match the shape of your wrist? This should be your first consideration.

Light or heavy bracelet?

If your bracelet is not super-light, you won't forget you are wearing it. Do you really want to wear a heavy bracelet that will remind you of its existence from time to time? Or... Do you want to wear a super-light bracelet and forget about it? Heavy bracelets are probably going to look a little silly if you have small wrists.

Is the clasp secure and substantial?

If the bracelet does not have a secure and substantial clasp, it may accidentally come loose and give you pain or even you may lose it when absent-minded. If you read customer reviews, previous buyers can warn you about this kind of problem.

Harley Davidson bike chain bracelet

Are you a fan of Harley Davidson bikes or even the Harley Davidson brand? How about buying a Harley Davidson bike chain bracelet? You can find several Harley Davidson bike chain bracelets that come in great design and price in the market. The brand name will give you more confidence. You can buy Women's Biker Bracelets right from their website. They have only a few collection of bracelets but you can check other stores such as Amazon.

Bike Chain Bracelet Womens vs. Men

A big and heavy motorcycle bike chain bracelet is oftentimes categorized as a masculine bracelet. Some bracelets are made only for men. Some are even made only for grown men. If you are looking for a bike chain bracelet for women, do not buy a bracelet made only for men. If you want to ignore this sexist idea, you can surely buy and wear any design you like.

Can you wear your bike chain in your office?

If your bracelet is a really good one, you can surely wear it in your office, attend meetings and even wear it on a business trip. You do not need a gold bike chain bracelet or bike chain bracelet with diamonds, just any good quality matching bracelet such a stainless steel bike chain bracelet will do. If you are not sure if you should wear your bracelet in a boardroom environment or any other formal environment, just pull it off.

Maintenance Tips

The following tips are useful to make your bracelet longer lasting.

  • Keep your bracelet away from harsh or any other type of chemicals such as perfume, body lotion, hairspray, etc.
  • Keep your bracelets away from corrosive substances, acid and alkali.
  • Do not let your bracelet collide on any hard substance.
  • Water and sweat can damage the luster of your bracelet. So, take it off when you bathe, sport or swim.
  • When you take off your bracelet put it into a separate bag and then place the bag in your jewelry box. If the bracelet comes with a pouch or gift box, always use the pouch or gift box to store your bracelet. The pouch or gift box will avoid collision among the jewelry items inside your jewelry box.
  • Do not wear your bracelet when you sweat or swim because water can damage or corrode the coating and metal.
  • Take it off while you exercise, sleep or sport to avoid scratch and sweat-contact.
  • Wipe the surface clean with a soft microfiber cloth whenever you take it off. If you wear it daily, consider cleaning once a week.
  • The color coating will last longer if you always use and store your bracelet at room temperature. Hot environment is usually not good for this type of jewelry.

Common problems of this type of bracelet

  • Hard to adjust the size.
  • A bit loose on your wrist.
  • The weight is so much heavy as to remind you of the product from time to time.
  • You will find the clasp of your bracelet very hard to open when you are wearing it. So, it will be difficult to take off.
  • Sometimes the clasp may not stay closed.
  • If a pin falls out somehow, the links will be separated.
  • The color finish is so bad that the metal underneath will be easily visible.
  • Not really comfortable.
  • Suppose you have received your bracelet. You are a plus size person and now you may find that you need extra links but the seller does not sell extra links. Now what?
  • The bracelet may be not as substantial looking as in the pics.
  • The color coating is so poor that it will start marking your wrist.
  • Depending on your wrist size, the bracelet may fit correctly or not.
  • The seller may have manually measured it. So, the given sizes may not be 100% correct.
  • The product may get damaged while in transit.
  • The bracelet may not last even for two months. A low quality bike bracelet may not even last two weeks.
  • The seller may deliver the wrong size and even wrong color.
  • Product size and colors can be misleading in photograph. You may order a navy blue one and get just a blue one. The color may look different in different devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this bike chain bracelet FAQ section, we shall try to cover some commonly asked questions.

Question: Can I shorten the chain?

Answer: Some womens bike chain bracelet may come with an option to shorten the chain but other products may come with a fixed length chain. To shorten the chain of your bracelet, you have to take your bracelet to a jeweler or you can take links out yourself.

Use a flat head screwdriver as a bike chain bracelet pin removal tool, try to pull apart the pins that hold the links together. If you have a watch tool kit, you can use one or more tools from there. Some users even use wire cutters to fix the length.

If you find the above process of shortening the chain troublesome, going to any watch repair shop or jeweler is a better and safer option. Please note that the jeweler may charge you for this. A $10 fee for this should be fine.

If you adjust the length or any other feature of your bracelet, it may invalidate the seller's warranty (if any). Besides, the coating of your bracelet may get damaged if you are not careful when fixing it.

Question: How to size a bike chain bracelet?

Answer: We already answered this question in the previous section. Please read the answer of the previous question.

Question: What store can you buy a bike chain bracelet?

Answer: You can buy these bracelets from many stores such as Amazon, Etsy, Harley Davidson, Kohl's, etc. Just search online. You can also buy these items from our store. Some products are already displayed on this page.

Question: What is a bracelet connected to a ring by a chain?

Answer: It is called a slave bracelet. You can read more on this Wikipedia page.

Question: How do you remove safety chain from a bracelet?

Answer: It may be possible to remove the safety chain from your bracelet. The following video shows how to use a Pandora safety chain. In the video, the women used a screw based safety chain. So, you can just undo/reverse the process.

How To Use a Pandora Safety Chain

Question: Can Muslim men wear silver bracelet or chain?

Answer: No. Muslim men cannot wear a chain or bracelet. In Islam, it is forbidden to imitate women. As chains and bracelets are commonly used by women, these jewelry items are regarded as women's items. So, Muslim men cannot wear them. Abu Hurayrah said: "The Messenger of Allah cursed men who wear women’s clothes and women who wear men's clothes."

Some other Muslim scholars do not totally agree with the above view. They think Muslim men cannot wear anything made of gold and silk but there is no problem if a Muslim man wear sliver or platinum bracelet or chain.

Question: How to make a bike chain bracelet?

Answer: Do you want to make bike chain bracelets for personal or commercial use? No problem at all! The following videos can help you in this regard.

How I made a bracelet using old bicycle chain

DIY Bike Chain Bracelet | Mr. Kamdo's Style

Important notes

(1) If you wear your bracelet all the time and bash into things, the coating of it may get damaged and you can surely see one or more scars.

(2) If you are planning to buy a bike chain bracelet, make sure you check some bike chain paracord bracelets too. The paracord bracelet designs are also cool. The design of iced bike chain bracelets is also very cool.

(3) If you want to gift a bike chain to one of your friends or family members, it is better you purchase it and get it at your address first (in case of online purchase). Why do we say this? Suppose the product is damaged. You can return the damaged product, get a refund and buy another bike chain. Here you are in control of the whole process. On the other hand, it can be embarrassing if you send a gift and then they discover that the gift is damaged. How would you feel when they inform this to you? They may be busy and not try to get a refund or exchange. Ultimately, it will be not only embarrassing but also waste of time and money.

(4) If your bracelet is expensive or you do not want to lose your bracelet, you can buy and use a safety chain to protect your investment. A safety chain can protect your bracelet by preventing it from falling off your wrist.

(5) This type of bracelet will complement the style of people who are into cycling, or own a motorcycle. This type of bracelet will be a great gift for such bike enthusiastic people. Even if the person is not a bike enthusiastic, this bracelet can enhance their personal aesthetic.

When to ask for a refund

The refund process is irritating. We all hate the process. We would like to suggest that you contact the seller before starting the refund process. The seller can give you a good suggestion or solution to your problem. So, it is a good idea to contact the seller when you face a problem with your bike chain. Give the seller a chance!

Most sellers have a 30-day money back guarantee or exchange. So, do not forget to contact your seller before the deadline in case you need a refund or exchange.

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