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On this page, we shall share some useful and valuable information so that you can get the best value when you buy your belly button rings. This article is a bit lengthy but this article can really really give you all the knowledge you need. So, stay with us until we finish.

What you should look for before you purchase

  • Well setting: Is the setting of the belly ring so good that it stays in place for long time?
  • Product photos: Are product photos displayed in a way that give a true and clear idea of the product and its colors?
  • Skin tone: Does it perfectly complement your skin tone?
  • Safe for sensitive skin: Does it cause infection, irritation, rash, itchiness or discomfort on your skin?
  • Look and feel: Does it look like an expensive product or a cheap product?
  • Smoothness: Is it so smooth that it does not hurt your skin?
  • Bar thickness: Is the bar thickness correct for your piercing? 14G is the standard belly button ring gauge size but it may not be the perfect size for every woman.
  • Screwball: Is the screwball easy and convenient to use?
  • Comfortable to wear: Is the design so good that it is easy to put on and it does not easily slip off.
  • Long time use: Is it made of one or more high quality materials that ensures it will not tarnish within a long period of time? It should last for a long period of time.
  • Never out of the style: Is it just a trendy product? Can you use it in all seasons?
  • Impressive: Are you impressed by its graceful design and color?
  • Money-back guarantee: Do they offer at least 30-day (preferably 90-day) money back guarantee? Do they offer both refund and exchange?
  • For men or women: Is it designed for you or for the people of your opposite gender? Is it a unisex product?

Basic Post/Bar length information

  • 1/2 inch (12mm): During their initial piercing, most women use belly rings of this size.
  • 7/16 inch (11mm): This size is suitable for most women. When you have no idea what size is right for you, this size is safer to order.
  • 3/8 inch (10mm): This size is so common that you will find belly rings of this size in most stores and malls. Why? If the piercing is not a bit deeper, most women will be able to wear belly rings of this size.
  • 5/16 inch (8mm): When a woman has piercing that is neither shallow nor regular/common type but in the middle of these sizes, she can order this.
  • 1/4 inch (6mm): Belly rings of this size are mainly good for those women who have shallow piercings.

Common styles of belly rings

Besides dangle belly button rings, the other styles are chandelier, drop and top down/reverse. A dangle belly button ring is not the most looked for style.

Common themes of belly rings

Besides flower belly button rings, the other common themes are animals, hearts, hand-crafted, birthstones, stars & sun and gem/crystal.

Common materials of belly rings

Besides gold belly button rings and titanium belly button rings, the other common materials are stainless steel, brass, titanium and Cubic Zirconia. Gold belly rings mean pure 14K gold rings and also gold plated (even more specifically rose gold plated) belly rings.

Now you know the common styles, themes and materials. If you are a newbie and have not pre-selected a specific product, you will find that you can select from a wide variety of products. You may find one or more stores that have more than one hundred variations of belly rings. As there is no lack of variety, it will be easier for you to choose one.

Common problems of belly rings

(1) If your belly ring does not accurately fit, it may poke out from time to time and you can start getting scars from this.

(2) Your belly rings may have edges that will snag on your clothes. When the finish is not good, this kind of problem may occur. So, you may need to crouch over and then unhook your belly ring from your clothes.

(3) You wear your belly ring in your navel area. Your navel area is a sensitive part of your body. If the ring does not properly fit in that area, it can give an uncomfortable feeling.

(4) The ball of the ring may come loose. In some cases, the ball on top may not come off and you cannot use it as a result.

(5) In some cases, after wearing for a certain period of time such as a week, you may notice a small abscess or infection around the top area. You can clear it out and put some medicine yourself or you can see a doctor. Once you are healed, you can start using your belly ring again. If your infection comes back, it is better not to use this belly ring again. You should also see a doctor to check whether your belly ring is causing your infection or any other issue is behind the infection.

(6) Some women have noticed that their belly rings turn their skin green.

(7) If the size is not correct, you may go through a bit of a painful experience when you wear it. You may tolerate the pain several days with the hope that your body will eventually adjust to it and the pain will go away. The pain can eventually go away or it may not. So, do not forget to check the size of the ring carefully before you order one.

(8) It may first turn green and then get dull.

(9) You may lose the ball and get really disappointed if you cannot get it screwed on tight enough.

(10) Stone (if any) may fall out.

(11) In the sunlight, your belly ring can look like they have one type of color but they look like another color when not right in sunlight.

(12) In the worst case scenario, you may order a set and you find these are cute belly button rings when the set is delivered. Unfortunately, then you discover none of the top balls stay secure and you get totally upset.

It is a good idea to buy a set of belly rings

Why? Suppose there are 5 (five) pieces in a set. if you do not like one, just wear the ones you like. If you lose one, you have your backup belly rings ready for you. You can also wear a different one after every few days and thus change your style from time to time.

Are these nickel free?

Is your skin sensitive to Nickel? Then you need a nickel-free belly ring to avoid irritation and burn. Some surgical steel belly button rings will not cause irritation or burn. If the seller does not mention anything about sensitive skin in the product description section, you can contact the seller and ask for details. The navel part of your body is a sensitive area. So, you do not want any unwanted sensation in this area.

If your skin is sensitive to any other material such as lead, you will want to avoid belly rings that contain these products.

Do these tend to tarnish?

The quality and finish of belly rings differ from seller to seller. It is a realistic expectation that any type of jewelry will tarnish over time for wear and tear. The more you wear, the faster the product will tarnish. Some materials such as stainless steel last longer than some other materials. Good maintenance and care will make sure that your ring tarnishes slowly.

Diamonds may fall off

Some dangling belly button rings come with diamonds in them. It can hold a few small pieces of diamonds or only one bigger diamond. If you are not careful enough, one of the diamonds may fall off and your belly ring will instantly go out of style.

Belly ring top ball may not stay secure

It is a common problem. What is the problem actually? When you twist it, it may not tighten. Every time you twist it, you will feel that it is still loose. It is just plain annoying. If you face this problem, contact your seller, tell them about the defect, refund the product and request them to send a new belly ring.

What does it smell like?

To some people, it may be surprising to know that belly rings can have smells such as marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies. The smell may not last long though.

Belly button rings for sports

If you wear a belt during your physical training, your belly ring can come undone. But a good quality belly ring will stay just in place during your training.

Belly button ring without piercing

Getting pierced is painful and sometimes expensive. The piercing is somewhat permanent. If you want to wear belly rings but do not want to face these downsides, fake belly rings is the answer.

Teenagers oftentimes do not get permission from their parents to get their body pierced. Fake belly rings can be a great option for them too.

Another benefit of this type of belly rings is - there is no or little chance of infection.

Pregnancy belly button rings

In this section, we shall discuss on how you should deal with piercing and your belly rings during your pregnancy time.

(1) Belly button piercing when pregnant

Is it safe to get or have a belly button ring when you are pregnant? Yes. It is safe but if you do not already have one, it will be better to wait until you give birth.

As your abdomen grows, your skin will be tight around the corners of your pregnant belly rings. In such a case, you may get an infection and/or feel uncomfortable. It is recommended you remove your belly button rings for pregnant women when you go for labor to avoid any problem that may arise from your pregnant belly button ring. Why? Because you may have a c-section. Your belly ring may cause any unwanted problem in such a case.

(2) When to take your pregnancy belly ring out?

Should the pregnant belly button rings be taken out as soon as one gets pregnant? The answer is - No. You should actually take it out by week 20 or so because at this time, your belly will start stretching and you will feel discomfort as a result. Some women wear their belly ring throughout their pregnancy period without any problem.

(3) You need flexible belly button rings

Maternity belly button rings are usually flexible. As the abdomen of a pregnant woman starts growing, a fixed length belly ring is not the answer in this situation. So, to cope up with this situation, pregnancy belly rings are the solution. These are designed to bend as your belly grows. These are usually designed with a comfortable fit. So, it bends with your growing belly as these are mostly plastic products. You can also cut to a shorter length to adjust size. Another benefit of these belly rings is you will be to adjust the ring as these oftentimes come with an adjustable-length barbell. Belly button ring for pregnancy is easy to sanitize with saline or soap and water.

(4) Safety & Health Risks

Your breast and abdomen grow during your pregnancy period. As holes may not completely heal in this period of time and eventually result in infection, it is recommended you not have piercing done on the following parts of your body during this time. (Also follow this rule when you are trying to conceive.)

  • Your belly button
  • Your nipples
  • Your genitalia

To stay safe and infection-free, please remember to clean your belly ring regularly. Do not forget to disinfect your belly button and navel region too. Last but not least, wear loose fitting clothing.

So, show off your baby bump with bling as long as your belly button piercing pregnancy is comfortable.

How to take care of your belly rings

Please follow these tips for long-term preservation of your ring:

  • From time to time, clean it with a soft and clean microfiber cloth. Use the same cloth you use to clean your sunglasses.
  • Make sure your belly rings do not collide with hard substances. It can not only leave scars on your ring but also harm your navel skin.
  • Do not wear it when you bathe, swim, exercise or sleep. Water and sweat may tarnish your belly ring.
  • Body lotion and any type of harsh chemical may harm your belly ring too.

Important notes

(1) Some people always keep their belly rings in. They workout, shower and even sleep with it in but the color and texture of their belly rings do not tarnish. The quality remains the same and they feel no irritation. Unfortunately, some people buy from the same jeweler but face one or more problems. Their experience is not so good.

(2) It is a good idea to sterilize your belly ring from time to time. You can use alcohol as it is a common sterilizer. Warm salt water also works great. If you have any other better sterilizing chemical, you can use it too. If you are getting infection even after regular sterilization, we recommend you do not use that piece of belly ring. If you buy a new belly ring, please check if the seller clearly writes whether their product does not cause an allergic problem.

(3) If you have got an infection from your belly ring and need to wear (tight) formal dress to go to the office, put a band-aid over the infection area. The band-aid will protect your infection area from rubbing on your dress. So, you will feel a bit more comfortable until the infection is healed.

(4) Cute and sexy belly button rings do not guarantee that they will surely be comfortable. The fake and poorly designed sexy belly rings can hurt and irritate.

(5) It is a good practice that you clean and sanitize your belly ring before putting in. Sanitize before each use.

(6) If you want to send a belly ring as a gift, contact the seller in advance and ask about the packing. Do they place the ring into a nice looking and good quality pouch such as a velvet bag? A nice bag will not only make the gift look professional but also help you carry your jewelry when you travel (if you have purchased it for yourself).

(7) Rarely, your belly ring may be damaged during transportation. If you receive a damaged piece of jewelry, contact your seller immediately. They can send you a new one as soon as possible. If it is possible to fix it by yourself, they can guide you on this too.

(8) In the product description, the seller may demand "no harm to your health" but it can still harm your skin. It is hard to predict if a product is 100% safe for your skin. Why do we say this? Previously, people purchased their belly rings from different stores and shared their experiences. They said the seller promised their product was harmless but they got infection from this.

(9) Please keep your belly rings away from children to avoid any accident from your rings.

(10) When you wear your dangle belly rings, please stay a bit more carefully so that you are not hurt from it and do not lose it.

(11) Suppose you like a belly ring and want to buy it. Is this good for first time piercing? You can show this to your piercer in the tattoo shop and ask this person for an honest opinion. Besides, you can also buy your belly ring from the tattoo shop.

(12) There can be many styles (and themes) of belly rings such as angel belly button rings, hello kitty belly button rings, hippie belly button rings, etc. If you are a beginner, make sure you check as many as possible to make the best selection decision.

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