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Eternity Ring Buying Guide

How To Buy An Eternity Ring That Lasts For Eternity

Diamond eternity band for women

The very word, ‘Eternity ring’ sounds mystical and triggers a myriad romantic visions. Eternity is forever – with no beginning or end – and so is an eternity ring! The connotation is so perfect because a ring too is circular and has no end points. A diamond eternity band is a symbolic declaration of ardent love that transcends time and age.

If you are looking to learn more about an eternity band, or plan to shop for eternity wedding bands but wonder how to buy the best diamond eternity rings, have a read through this buying guide for eternity rings and choose well, and with love…

After all, an eternity band ring is for keeps!

Meaning of an eternity band

Eternity wedding bands

Love is destined to last an eternity and the concept of gifting a beloved with an eternity band is based on this. Typically, eternity rings are not promise or proposal rings. They are gifted by a husband to his wife after few years of marriage.

Eternity rings are a reaffirmation of the undying love of the husband for his wife. Eternity rings are given during milestone anniversaries and are an addition to the engagement ring and the wedding ring.  Traditionally, eternity rings have a train of diamonds placed along the circumference of a band or ring.

You can gift an eternity ring for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Eternity rings may be gifted after a year of marriage. Some eternity rings have diamonds only on the face of the ring, with the other half made of solid metal.

History of eternity band ring

 Half eternity ring     

The act of proclaiming complete devotion and commitment to a loved one with a ring goes back to Egyptian times. They saw the eternity ring as a symbol that connects the present with the future and the rings were made of reeds or metals.

Diamond eternity rings, however, were the product of a stellar marketing campaign that was launched and assiduously promoted by De Beers. This famous diamond store ran a very successful campaign with the epic slogan – “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it is going”. Married women were the targeted group of potential buyers.

Needless to say the campaign was a huge success and it created a great demand for small-sized diamonds. Since then, diamond eternity rings have risen to prominence in the jewelry shoppers’ essential list.

How to choose diamonds for eternity ring or eternity band

Eternity rings are typically small but with a distinct glitter designed to catch your eye with their sparkle. Since melee diamonds are not certified for their 4Cs, you have to keep your eyes open and check the quality.

Here are a few guidelines on how to choose diamonds for eternity ring and how to care for them-

Eternity ring with diamonds

  • The price of the eternity ring is an indicator – if the price seems too reasonable to be true, it is perhaps not real diamonds. Cubic Zirconia may be used instead of the genuine stone by fraudulent retailers.
  • Accent diamonds are often used in eternity rings to highlight the central diamond. Even if melees are used without the central stone, ensure that they are crafted well and positioned securely so they don’t get dislodged or fall off easily. A major setback of these diamonds is that they tend to get loose with time, so you have to check periodically and fix such stones.
  • Always buy from a reputed vendor.
  • Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your eternity ring with melee diamonds. The vibration could dislodge the stones. Use mild soap water with a soft brush to clean the dirt and grime from the ring. 

Metals used in eternity band ring

Precious metals like gold and platinum are favored to make eternity rings but choosing a suitable metal comes down to personal choice and aesthetic appeal. If you want to wear the eternity band between the wedding and engagement rings, choose a metal that complements the other two. For instance, if your wedding ring is made of 22 carat yellow gold, an eternity ring of 9 carat gold is sure to scratch the wedding ring.

Here are a few choices of metals for eternity rings –

Yellow Gold

Baguette eternity band in yellow gold

Yellow gold is probably the most traditional metal used for eternity rings. It is lustrous, hard, and extensively used for making jewelry. It is best suited to make eternity rings because yellow gold can withstand the impact of daily wear. They can be used with all colors of gemstones.


Diamond eternity ring in platinum

It is not only the most expensive metal on earth, but is also one of the most durable and has a lovely white sheen that complements any precious stone perfectly. It is even denser than gold and is particularly suitable for diamond eternity rings. It is very pure and hypoallergenic, so it is the ideal metal for people with a sensitive skin.

White gold

Diamond white gold eternity ring

Diamond white gold eternity ring

White gold eternity band

White gold eternity band

White gold eternity rings are an affordable alternative to platinum and yellow gold. It is important to know that white gold doesn’t really exist in nature – it is merely yellow gold that is coated over with an alloy mixture of palladium and silver. This is a popular metal for jewelry because it showcases the beauty of diamonds and colored gem stones equally well. A white gold ring of 9 carat will be harder than its 18 carat counterpart, but will cost lesser.

Can you resize an eternity ring?

Yes, it is possible to resize an eternity band ring after it has been made and used. However, some diamonds may have to be removed during resizing.

Jewelers usually remove a few diamonds or gemstones and insert a metal piece there. This metal piece can be removed or cut in the future according to requirements.

Is an eternity ring same as the infinity ring?

Eternity ring with purple cubic zirconia CZ

Eternity ring with purple cubic zirconia CZ

Infinity wedding band

Infinity wedding band

Rose gold infinity ring with Cubic Zirconia

Though both ‘eternity’ and ‘infinity’ mean ‘forever’, they differ in their basic design. The marked difference is that infinity rings have the symbol of infinity incorporated somewhere in the design.

Another notable difference is that you wear infinity rings as a fashion accessory or a style-statement rather than as a symbol of matrimonial status. However, if you wear an eternity ring, you are definitely married or at least betrothed to be married.

Setting of eternity wedding bands

Eternity rings can be either half-way set, with diamonds or gems set only in the visible part of the ring, or they could be  full-set, where there are diamonds all around the ring.

There are four setting types for eternity rings.

Sapphire eternity bands for women

Sapphire eternity bands for women

Baguette eternity band with CZ in prong setting

Baguette eternity band with CZ in prong setting 

Claw setting – This is the oldest of all the traditional settings. They have four prongs from the band that hold the diamond in its place. These prongs can hold all shapes and sizes of gemstones.

Pave setting – In this, the diamonds are set close to each other along a line, just like cobblestones on a pavement.

Channel setting – Diamonds are set into a metal channel in a continuous line with no metal in between them. Since there are no prongs holding them, this setting looks like the stones are held invisibly. 

Cost of diamond eternity rings

Diamond eternity band rings

The cost of eternity ring for wedding, engagement, or anniversary depends on many factors such as the metal used, the gemstone used, the carat weight, and the design of the ring. Size of the diamond will also influence the cost in addition to whether the stone is natural or a lab-grown one.

A 2 carat eternity band of 14K white gold will cost around $4,000 but a similar band with a synthetic stone will cost less than half its price, at $1,000

How to wear the eternity band

It is an age-old tradition that rings of significance – promise rings, engagement rings, and Eternity rings should be worn on the third finger of the left hand. So much is this practice a part of our cultures that the third finger is dubbed the ‘ring finger’!

This trend was initially started by the Romans. The ‘Vena Amoris’ or what is called ‘the vein of love’ was believed to pass through this finger and connect with the heart. The order of wearing the rings is like this – first, wear the wedding ring, then the engagement ring, and finally, the eternity ring.

wearing an eternity ring

How to check the quality of an eternity ring

Eternity rings have a row of small diamonds, so when you decide to check the quality of the eternity ring, you must pay attention to the stone, the metal used, and the craftsmanship of the ring.

You can browse for a range of high-quality  eternity rings and eternity bands on this site.

Diamond eternity ring in platinum with 30 Melee diamonds

Usually, the diamonds used in an eternity ring are very small and the jewelers don’t give you certificates for them. So you must scrutinize the eternity ring for consistent color and clarity of the diamonds used. 

The small diamonds are called melee diamonds or accent diamonds and they cover the entire circumference of the eternity ring. The word melee is from a French verb meaning, ‘to mix’ and they are so small that melees are always bought in bulk.

Here are some facts you should know about melee diamonds used in eternity rings `

  • Though tiny, melee diamonds ARE real diamonds! But grading these mini diamonds for the 4Cs (Color Cut, Clarity, and Carat) is a tedious process. So these diamonds are bought as parcels of stones of similar quality as given by their CTW (Carat Total Weight)
  • Melee diamonds are of different sizes – ranging from less than a millimeter and up to 4 millimeters in diameter. They are used to create stunning settings. Melee diamonds in eternity rings are used in rows or clusters to create a sparkling and rich look, but their carat weight is quite low.
  • Melee diamonds used in eternity rings come in two cuts – single and full cut. Single cut stones have 16 facets and full cut stones have 57 facets.
  • Full cut melee diamonds are preferred because they reflect light better. Almost all diamonds used in eternity rings and other jewelry are full cut using machines.
  • Commonly used shapes of melee diamonds in eternity rings are – small round, princess cut, tapered baguette (hexagonal), straight baguette (rectangular), and trillion cut (triangular).

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