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Engraved Ring Buying Guide

Engraved Forever wedding rings for couple in stainless steel

Marking your initials or name on a personal possession and branding it as a beloved has been a fond practice of mankind. Engraved rings are gifted on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Christmas. Whether it is your own personalized engraved rings or engraved promise rings with a note of love for your beloved, this buying guide will help you choose the best ring to express your friendship or love.

The history of engraved rings with names

Gifting a ring is by itself a very thoughtful gesture. So, having a loving message or a name inscribed on personalized engraved rings for her is indeed a unique show of love and affection. The practice of engraving rings has a long history dating back to the Roman Empire.  

The tradition started with the poesy rings of medieval times. These rings were the promise rings of that age. They were regarded magical and personalized engraved rings with words inscribed in them were popular. Engravings took different forms through the years. Victorian engraved rings were love knots twisted intricately, with crosses and dainty ribbons. The Edwardian rings had filigree details on them.

Modern day engraved rings for women and men tend to have a personal touch. Some have initials, the wedding date, fingerprints, or the person’s signature. Imagination is the limit when it comes to crafting a memorable and meaningful engraved ring.

Engraved birthstone rings

Engraved birthstone rings in sterling silver Custom engraved birthstone promise ring in sterling silver

Personalized rings with birthstones are a perfect gift for your loved one’s birthday. These are wonderful gifts for special occasions such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, or Friendship day. Days of fun and adventure while at school and college can be enshrined in such birthstone engraved rings with your dear friends’ names inscribed beside their birthstone. There will be no need for birthday reminders of friends – you have it in your fingertips, literally! They are the ideal gift for Friendship day and as farewell gifts.                       

Engraved rings for couples

Gold engraved rings for couples wedding engagement ring for women and men Engraved silver rings for couples

There is nothing better than a pair of engraved rings for couples deeply in love and ready to make a commitment of togetherness to express their sentiment! There are varieties of engraved wedding bands for men and women in any metal of their choice.

It is not unusual to see young couples starting with engraved promise rings in their youthful years, gradually replacing them with engraved gold engagement ring that is joyfully supplanted yet again by their engraved wedding bands!

Metals suitable for custom engraved rings

Metals used for custom engraved wedding engagement rings

Choosing the best metal for your engraved engagement ring or engraved wedding ring needs some research. Since you would wear your wedding ring for life, choose a metal that is sturdy and strong.

  • Though a very common choice, 22ct gold is too soft to be worn on a daily basis. Further, it cannot be crafted into intricate designs.
  • Gold of 18ct or 14ct are more suitable because they can be mixed with stronger metals such as copper and made sturdy enough for the wear and tear of daily wear.
  • White gold is another good alternative to the more expensive platinum wedding rings. White gold is invariably coated with Rhodium to improve its appearance. This coating will eventually wear off, but it can be re-coated periodically.
  • Platinum rings are ‘in’ with modern couples. If you are looking for a metal that will weather the ravages of time, resistant to all forms of scratches, AND looks chic and classy, go for platinum! Assuredly more expensive than gold, platinum is also rarer and will last a lifetime, without a blemish.
  • Palladium is an affordable alternative to platinum and is gaining popularity because of the price-tag and its similarity in color to platinum.
  • Tungsten Carbide is also a preferred metal for engraved wedding rings. Durable tungsten is a favorite for wedding bands of men for their sleek grey tone, burnished finish and highly polished edges that contrast the muted grey.

Stackable engraved name rings

Stackable engraved name rings with birthstone Personalized name engraved engagement ring for women

For the girl or woman in you who has a pet obsession for rings, such stackable engraved name rings come as the wonderful answer to quench that craving! Any number of rings can be stacked (limited by the length of your fingers only!) and you may choose to engrave them and embellish them according to your whims and fancy! They can be made with any metal you choose.

Tips for making a personalized engraved ring

When you plan to have a custom engraved gold ring or a special engraved ring for her, there are certain criteria you must look into before you place your order.

Width of the ring

Custom personalized engraved wedding ring in stainless steel

The general rule is that if the ring has to be engraved on, it should not be less than 3mm wide. It is considered the minimum width required for engraving legible inscription, even by expert jewelers.

An ideal width would be 5-7mm. It is always advisable to ask for the jeweler’s opinion.

Check the fit of the ring

Engraved personalized cubic zirconia ring

One of the most important points to check in a ring (it is a point that is most often neglected) before engraving it is the fit of the ring. Make sure the ring perfectly fits the person’s finger perfectly well because if it does not, you will have to resize the ring.

In such cases, the ring has to be freshly engraved and you will end up paying twice for the same job! In addition to that, the structure of the ring will also weaken because of the removal of the old inscription.

Ask for the engraving method used

Though it seems like it only concerns the jeweler, it is equally important for you to know the engraving technique that is used. The symbols and fonts engraved as well as the precision of engraving will depend on the method used. Laser engraving offers you a wider choice of symbols and fonts.

Check whether the symbols you want can be engraved

If you plan to have any fancy symbol or design engraved, check if it is possible. Ask the jeweler if he can do such intricate designs on your ring. If your jeweler uses a traditional engraving machine, you may have to look for a jeweler with a laser machine.

Choose the font carefully

Engraved ring with special font

The size and style of the font is determined depending on the width of the ring. Remember that not all jewelers are equipped with the facilities or the skill to engrave complex patterns. Keep it simple and stick to easy and regular fonts.

Select the length of text

Gold engraved rings with words inscribed

Keep the length of the inscription short and sweet. Not only will the job be cumbersome for the jeweler, the text itself will become too small if the length increases. However sweet the verse may be, it will serve no purpose if you cannot read it! Initials or a couple of short words will be the best options.

Styles of engraved rings

Tungsten Carbide engraved wedding band

Engraved rings can be created in a myriad designs and patterns – you only have to set your creativity free. Though etched initials and words are the most popular, you can always add beautiful floral motifs, winding ribbons, unique symbols, or patterns that evoke fond memories. This personalized inclusion will lend to the elegance of your engraved ring gold.

Cost of engraved rings for women

Many shoppers for jewelry are under the false impression that engraving a ring would increase its cost phenomenally, but this is not at all the case. Modern technology has brought in the wide-spread use of 3D printing and it has made the process of designing custom engraved rings easier.

The time-consuming practice of casting a custom mold and then crafting it into a ring is a thing of the past now. It is possible to make that same mold in just a few minutes, thus reducing the time and expense involved. Engraved rings are an affordable luxury now.

 How to care for personalized engraved rings

The rules are the same for all rings, but custom jewelry needs a greater degree of care. Rings of metals are prone to tarnish, so you have to be vigilant.

  • Soak your custom engraved ring in diluted soap solution for a few minutes. Rinse off water and dry with a soft cloth that will not get entangled in the intricate design or inscription on the ring.
  • Oils and fingerprints are likely to cloud the brightness of your ring. So deep clean them as instructed above periodically.
  • For sterling silver rings, use silver cream of good quality from jewelry stores.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals in detergents, cleaning liquids, strong soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and make-up accessories.
  • Soap and shampoo in your bath tub may cause a film to form over your personalized rings and other jewelry, thus dulling their look.
  • Last, but not the least, store your engraved rings in individual boxes with felt lining. There are anti-tarnish strips available in the market. These help keep potential oxidants out.

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