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Citrine Ring Buying Guide

 Sun-shaped Citrine engagement ring in yellow gold

Spreading a cheerful glow with its sparkling golden yellow tone, citrine is a durable and affordable gemstone that is believed to alleviate depression and spread positivity. This guide will tell you all you want to know about yellow citrine rings.

Learn where citrine is sourced from, how to identify genuine citrine gemstone for your special citrine engagement ring or citrine stackable ring, and tips to care for your yellow citrine rings in gold.

What is citrine and where is it found

What is citrine and where is it found

Citrine gemstone is a type of the common mineral quartz that glitter in golden tones. They are the November birthstone and are often confused with the golden topaz. The word citrine originates from the French word, citron which means lemon (rather misleading, as the color is not exactly lemon yellow).

This form of quartz has a range of colors – from light yellow, to golden yellow, to a deep brown color. This hue is because of the inclusion of iron in the structure when the quartz crystal is formed.

Natural deposits are fond in the mountainous areas of Bolivia and Brazil but are getting scarce. Most of the world’s supply of citrine is from this region.

Significance and spiritual meaning of citrine

Citrine is the birthstone of the November-born. If you have a close relative or a good friend born in November, consider yellow citrine rings sterling silver a perfect gift! Citrine is also presented to couples on their 13th anniversary to bring them prosperity.

Citrine is believed to energize the wearer and is often called the “healing quartz”, Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is capable of cleansing all other Chakras. Citrine rings are worn to improve the healing of digestive organs and to enhance metabolism. This November birthstone represents power, creativity, intelligence, and enhances decisiveness.

Qualities of genuine citrine

Citrine can be found in many parts of the world. Brazil has an abundance of citrine but most of the stones from Brazil are also heat-treated to enhance their color. Citrine deposits are also found in France, Madagascar and the Ural mountain range of Russia.

Color of yellow citrine rings

Yellow citrine rings gemstone range of colors of citrine rings brownish orange citrine rings

The most distinct feature of citrine is its vibrant and sunny color. The golden yellow shine sets citrine gemstone apart from the rest. The most preferred color is very close to a rich brown with an orange tinge – almost an amber color. Citrine of this color is the costliest.

According to GIA (Gemological Institute of America), genuine citrine in warm yellow is truly rare. So, most of the citrine rings in the market are usually the heat-treated forms of amethyst. Care should be taken to verify the originality of citrine.

Clarity of citrine

Semi-precious citrine has excellent clarity and luster. Clarity refers to the actual number of visible inclusions that are seen in the stone. Generally, citrine has excellent clarity with no inclusions.

Any imperfections result in reduced price of the citrine engagement ring with such a stone. Make sure you ask the retailer to show you the clarity grade rating of the citrine gemstone.

Carat of citrine and its durability

Though citrine is available in a variety of sizes, the value of citrine does not increase with its carat size. Citrine is found abundantly in nature and is available in all sizes.

Citrine has a Mohs hardness rating of 7, so it is considered a softer gemstone. It is prone to getting easily scratched if bumped against other harder surfaces or objects. But it is a very tough stone, so it doesn’t chip off easily. Citrine rings in white gold or citrine rings sterling silver are popular as engagement rings, but they are not very suitable for daily wear.

Cut of genuine citrine rings

Natural yellow citrine sterling silver ring, round cut Oval vintage citrine fashion ring Boho Vintage citrine rings sterling silver for wedding party

Citrine is usually faceted in order to showcase its brilliance and also to add depth. Since it is a soft gemstone, it can be easily cut into most of the common cuts such as princess, round, pear, and emerald.

Citrine can also be carved into different shapes and ornamental designs.

Grading of citrine

  • The best and the most exquisite citrine of impeccable clarity and color is graded as Natural AAAA. Such stones are among the top 10% of natural citrines that are available. They are clear, have amber color, and are cut brilliantly.
  • Natural AAA consists of the top 20%-30% of all citrines available naturally. They are slightly included and they have a golden yellow shade of color with a hint of red.
  • If the citrine in your citrine engagement ring white gold has a pale gold color and it has many inclusions in it (with a smoky haze), the stone is of Natural AA grading.

Setting for citrine rings gold

Citrine ring sterling silver with diamonds in halo setting Citrine ring rose gold in Basel setting

Though it is known that citrine is not the best of choices for rings due to their lower hardness level, many brides do clamor for a citrine wedding ring!

In such cases, it is wise to choose a protective setting that will guard the stone from accidental damage. Halo and Bezel settings are preferred so that citrine is the central stone and it is paired with other colorless gemstones so that its beautiful color is highlighted.

Treatment of citrine

Be warned that the market has several imitations of genuine citrine. Amethyst and smoky quartz are heat treated in order to look like citrine. There are many signs to look for in citrine before you are convinced about its authenticity.

  • Check if the coloring of citrine is uniform. Stones that are heat treated will have patchy coloring. They will have dark tips, with the color gradually fading out from there.
  • Natural citrine is dichroic – the gemstone will exhibit different colors from different angles. Heat-treated citrine does not have this quality.
  • Always check for the origin of the gemstone with the retailer.

How to find the difference between real citrine vs fake citrine

Fashion citrine sterling silver engagement ring 

  • Citrine resembles the orange-yellow colored Topaz, a costly gem. It may be sold as topaz for a very high price. Take care to ask for details and proof of the stone you buy.
  • Real citrine used for citrine earrings and citrine rings in rose gold have distinct clarity unlike the fake citrine stones.
  • Real citrine will be in hues of yellow with no white base.
  • Citrine crystals have straighter formations in the quartz crystal.
  • Real citrine has its color uniformly distributed throughout the crystal.
  • It may have tinge of red due to the presence of hematite.
  • Be aware that some fraudulent jewelers bake amethyst so it appears to be citrine. Look out for the white base with a protruding root.

Vintage citrine ring sterling silver vintage citrine wedding rings with white topaz

Cost of genuine citrine rings

Natural citrine ring sterling silver Citrine stackable ring

The cost of citrine depends on several factors such as its color, cut, and clarity. The carat size does not impact the value of the gem. Citrine is the second most sought-after semi-precious stone in the market. Madeira citrine rings of golden yellow color are the most valuable though some green citrine rings are also seen. One carat of citrine is worth $10 to $60 (USD)

How to clean Citrine rings

This gorgeous stone in your citrine cocktail ring can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft brush. You may also use ultrasonic cleaners. You can air-dry or dry the citrine jewel with a towel.

Always store your citrine rings white gold away from direct sunlight and harsh heat. Avoid steam cleaning citrine jewels.
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