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Celtic Ring Buying Guide

Celtic wedding ring with braided design and a diamond center-stone

Steeped in ancient Irish culture, Celtic rings have excited the imagination of jewelers and buyers of exotic jewels for centuries. Celtic engagement rings and Celtic wedding bands reached the shores of Ireland around 500 B.C. along with the Celtic culture and language. Many celebrities sport Celtic knot ring with intricate patterns that are not only interesting but also intriguing 

This guide will give you all the information you need to know about Celtic rings, their rich history, popular designs, and tips to buy the best Celtic wedding bands and Celtic Knot rings.

History of Irish Celtic wedding rings

The origin of Celtic designs is said to be from La Tene, a specific region in Switzerland. This form of artwork is identified by its spiral and curved designs. Their patterns are all geometric symbols. Most of the Celtic jewelry unearthed from archeological sites are made of expensive metals and are decorative.

Celtic rings and other jewels are a result of the confluence of Celtic culture and the style of Irish Iron age. Kings and Gods Were decked with jewels made of bronze and gold, such as the Broighter Collar. These collars, called Torcs, were prestigious and were crafted in gold with spiral Celtic patterns.

Celtic Cross ring in black metal Celtic Cross ring in yellow gold Celtic Cross ring for men in sterling silver

The Christian impact during the ninth century brought in the inclusion of crosses into Celtic designs. The Cross of the Cong was one such motif that was highly valued in religious circles. It is commonly believed that the Celtic cross was introduced in Ireland by St. Patrick.

The Celtic cross is an iconic theme in Irish and Celtic rings and jewelry even today. It is very popular and some historians even feel that the origin of the Celtic cross actually pre-dates Christianity!

The tradition of Celtic wedding bands

Each Celtic band or ring is a creation to cherish for generations. These heirloom pieces are usually hand-crafted with great attention to detail. With their remarkable history and stunning craftsmanship, Celtic bands signify the strong bond between the wedded couple.

Metals used for Celtic rings vary depending on personal preferences. Gold wedding bands are traditional but white gold Celtic bands are equally popular because they are affordable.

Platinum is the best choice for Celtic wedding bands because of their sophisticated appeal but they are also very expensive and are quite dense. Palladium is an affordable alternative as it closely resembles platinum and is also lighter. Silver is also a good choice as it costs the least among the precious metals.

Trinity Celtic knot wedding band in gold Trinity Celtic knot wedding band in silver Celtic wedding band and Celtic engagement ring 

The meaning of designs In Celtic knot ring

The traditional Celtic knot ring looks deceptively simple for the profound concepts of wedded bliss it represents in its design. The Rope ring is a popular Celtic wedding ring that starts with two simple lines depicting the path of two individuals. When the two cross paths, the design gradually blends into a braid that represents the balance, harmony, and bliss of a married couple. This is the meaning that has been deduced after years of observation; the deeper meaning of these complex, and sometimes abstract patterns, remains a mystery.

Celtic wedding rings of two tones

Celtic wedding rings of two tones

A celtic knot ring is usually of two colors or tones. The knot pattern of the ring is of one metal color and the base of the ring is of another metal, thus creating a contrast that highlights the beauty of the design better. There can be a combination of different metals – a rose gold Celtic knot ring with a silver base or a yellow gold Celtic knot band with a silver base. Oxidized silver is also a popular metal choice for two tone Celtic rings and bands.

Some prefer their Celtic rings to be very white but the degree of whiteness really depends on the metal chosen. White gold can range from white to a slightly beige color whereas silver is definitely whiter than either platinum or palladium. Many jewelers use rhodium plating on the ring to improve the ‘whiteness’. However, rhodium, a white metal that belongs to the family of platinum, needs to be maintained well and tends to wear off over time.

Shapes in Celtic designs and their significance

Celtic knot engagement ring with triangular design

  • Lemniscates – A Lemniscate is a common Celtic design that is a horizontal figure of eight or a symbol of infinity. This is a pattern that is found in Buddhist and Hindu icons. It has two circles that crisscross at a central point and represents harmony for an infinite time.
  • Circle and rope – The rings are circular to depict completeness and community. The rope pattern shows cyclic designs flowing dynamically.
  • Arcs and waves – These denote the energy, the ups and downs of life through the troughs and crests of wavy patterns. Often called the Flow wedding ring, the design is shown to be in natural progression, like the circular planets orbiting in elliptical paths.
  • Spiral pattern – The clouds, water bodies, constellations, and sea shells have the spiral formation in them. Spirals are found in many natural phenomena in the universe and as icons of many cultures across the world. The spiral is about the cyclical movement of contraction and expansion of the universe.
  • Triangles in Celtic knot rings – Triangles represent a sense of purpose and direction rather than flow. They symbolize the focus of energy through linear motion.

How to clean celtic rings and bands

  • Celtic rings have intricate designs and have to be cleaned periodically to avoid dirt from lodging in the curves and bends.
  • Water that contains chlorine can tarnish or dull the metal of Celtic rings. So, make sure you remove the rings before bathing or swimming.
  • Hairsprays, perfumes, cosmetics, and other lotions may contain chemicals that can damage the Celtic ring.
  • Soak the ring in warm soap water and use a soft brush to clean the spaces in between the pattern. Rinse with water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

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